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There are plenty of hotels in Tokyo. Prices range from hostels (under $40/night) to $100/night for medium class hotels. Asakusa and Ueno area have generally good prices, Shibuya, Shinjuku and Roppongi area are closer to the venue ( Convenient subway/train lines to the venue are the GINZA-line, Chiyoda-Line and Keio-Inogashira-Line (

About hotels in Japan

Travel information and booking sites

See a list of hotels around Shibuya and Shinjuku Station:

Hotel list

Staying in the same hotel together with other conference participants makes it easier to meet. We contacted hotels in Shibuya area, ask for availability and were able to make preliminary reservations from Sept. 5th to 9th. We also tried to negotiate discounts.

Hotel Name Location Prices Remarks
Sakura Hotel Hatagaya 1.9km from the venue Single: 30 rooms 6,300 JPY/night,person
Twin: 5 rooms 5,200 JPY/night,person
Triple: 2 rooms 4,500 JPY/night,person
10% discount for SotM
Olympic Inn (Japanese) 1.7km from the venue Single/Double: 26 rooms 8,500 JPY or 4,700 JPY/night,person

List of other interesting accommodations (without SotM discounts or agreements):

more possibilities (with details):

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