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The call for venues is now closed.

Call for venue details

Key dates

  • CFV open: October 14th, 2014
  • Submit your proposal by: November 2nd, 2014
  • Winning bid announced: Originally planned for the closing of SotM14 (November 9th, 2014), but currently delayed. - No decision has been taken yet.

Your proposal

If you submit a proposal (bid), add it to the list below. To be able to make a good decision your proposal should at least contain the following information:

  • Name of the group or individual applying (we might contact you for further information regarding your proposal)
  • Name, address and short description of the proposed conference venue
  • A short impression how the State of the Map 2015 would look like
  • Ideas for community-building activities
  • Information about the city/region (transport, accommodation, etc).
  • An estimate of the costs of the venue and catering

Please have your proposal ready by November 2nd 2014.


In order to make a well-thought decision which bid to choose, the organizing committee has set up a list of criteria on which the proposals will be judged.

  • Easy access by public transport (train, bus)
  • Preferably within one hour travel of a major airport (also serviced by low-cost airlines)
  • Availability of accommodation close to the venue
  • Venue facilities (conference rooms, AV, WiFI, break out areas, right size)
  • Cost of venue and catering
  • How well the (local) organizing committee will cope with the organization
  • Interestingness of the city
  • Opportunities to promote OSM with commercial organisations within the region/country


Who should apply? Anyone or any group that wish to host the State of the Map 2015 can apply to the OSM Foundation to be considered as a conference host. You do not need to represent a whole nation – rival bids from the same nation are allowed, but we encourage co-operation between nearby groups.

Are the dates set? No, the date of SotM15 are not set yet. But we're looking at autumn 2015 (August - October).

Is the conference format fixed? No, the format is not fixed. The last conferences were a three day event during a weekend (Friday - Sunday). The 2015 conference does not necessarily need to have the same format. The prospective hosts may suggest alterations to the format.

Do we need to have a venue confirmed? No. You don’t need to have a venue confirmed. However, having a provisional “yes” will be an advantage.

What is the affiliation between the OSM Foundation and the State of the Map? The State of Map is the conference of the OSM Foundation. All finances, entry fees and sponsorship should be administered through the Foundation, but applicants are strongly encouraged to seek sponsorship and other support.

What size should the organizing committee be? The recommended size of the local organizing committee are 3 people to handle all issue regarding the venue, catering and other organizational issues that require local knowledge. The local team will be part of a bigger organizing team. So you're not on your own....

How many people can you expect? The previous three conferences had about 280 sign-ups.


The bids do not have to be in a final version to be listed here, so you may be able to work on it collectively. Because that's what a wiki is all about....