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3rd SotM13 meeting March 20th, 2013 @ 9pm GMT

Present - Gregory Marler - Henk Hoff - Brian - Stuart - Floris - Shaun - Rob - Mary

Apologies - Deb


Delegate Fees Henk and Brian have been discussing...

       Early bird (till end of July) £60        (£50 for OSMF members, with discount code)
       Standard/Community £80                (£70 for OSMF members)
       Business £250(last year), push to £300
       Cheapest accom £38/night, so early or standard £195-£240
       Japan 2012: Community 100EUR, Business 400EUR(~£340)
       Denver 2011: Community: 150USD early bird 100USD, Business: 400USD / 250USD

       Discount/access fund for OSM contributors that need it? Or volunteer tickets?
       Last year, 35 people signed up for business tickets (no checking took place for community tickets).
       Sign up for OSMF at same time as SotM?        That makes the process difficult.
       Previously have said to encourage OSMF membership at the conference, but that’s never actually happened.
       Could have a link on SotM registration site to OSMF page.
       Buy one ticket, get your buddy’s ticket for 50%. (introduced since 2011 early bird closed)
       We sold 12 community buddy tickets, 4 business buddy tickets (32 people) in Denver 2011
       Buddy ticket for £80, gets you 2 tickets for the price of an early bird.
       Extend business ticket like this?
               But you could sponsor and get tickets included in that.
               Never had complaints of business ticket being too much.
       Last year, business was equivillent of £340, so our prices should be higher than £250?
               £320 (nicely mathematical as it’s 4 times the community)
       Early bird on business?
               £240 (based on 4 times community again).

Agreed rates...

       Early community bird (till end of July) £60        (£50 for OSMF members,discount code)
       Standard/Community £80                (£70 for OSMF members)
       Community Buddies (2 tickets)        £80
       Early Business Bird £240
       Business £320

Can we have a public list of who’s coming?

       Henk: Can people opt-out of it on event brite? If so, okay.

Jonathan & Henk to report back on setting up event brite

Conference programme:

       3 tracks at SotM US, but we’ve only got facilities for 2 tracks at the venue
       Friday, 30mins, Harry Wood will do the Best OSM Business App 
       1 track to be workshops
       1 track to be “State of the community”?
               a way of looking at the map state, is often described in community terms
       How about we throw ideas together now, and Brian will throw something together that looks like a programme (helps us visualise it).
       Inspiration from various sources:
                       Workshop on the cartography in the standard mapnik layer
                       Mapnik new changes/platform by Andy & co
                       Choices of renderers - end of tagging for the renderer?
               Maintaining the map
               Lightning talks session

People might want something on historical maps (centenary of WW1, OSMH/HOSM). Tools - “The Tool Shop”

       New editor launched (“id”?)

more specialised editors appearing? - could go in “change” stream JOSM - hitchhikers guide to it & it’s plugins How to render yourself (or Business/switch stream) Maintaining Data Quality Business “Switch to OSM” - Friday stream? Public sector - Friday stream? Growing Complexity Commercialisation. OSM Structure? OSM promotion - bad? New communities? OpenData/Import

       Don’t mention the L word!

See also: minutes of last page Previous talks:

Keynote speakers?

       Jack Dangermond, ESRI - controversial speaker?
               ESRI now starting to move to OSM.
               But OSM community might not like ESRI at first. :)
               He could critique OSM, as an outsider. (how can we remove)
               Anyone got contacts?
               Henk has friends who are Jack’s friends.
               Oliver (OSMF treasurer) interviewed 2 years ago
               At the end of the video he says “I think you’re doing God’s work” (I like to quote that to my friends at church!)
       Sir Tim Burners-Lee
               Henk hasn’t heard feedback, will ping Simon.
       Ed Parsons again?
               Not yet.
               They use a tiny bit of OSM data, why not more?
               Henk will ping his contact there.
       IBM, ?Senior Architect?
               Brian has a potential contact in Birmingham, runs Urban Technologist website.
               OSM fan and app reader.
               Any contacts for speaker or sponsorship?
               Debs probably on sponsorship.
               Guy in Kansas?....
               SteveC might have contacts

Henk will try Garmin, ESRI, and Apple.

Public Sector speaker?

       Dr Bob Barr, good at ranting
       Peter Van... from OS
       Geo Places?

HOT suggestions?

Website ready for press releases?

       Add tracking (use Google analytics from Floris: UA-7302606-1)
       Brian, potentially controversial.
               Page for nightclubs/bars to advertise specials.
               Acceptable, but leave closer to the time.
       RSS feed to come soon.
               Then that will feed to
       Fun page of local English dialects.
               Brum, yam-yam.
               Rob? Anyone know the lingo round here?
       Change in lots of languages?
               Post request to talk (for the noun).
               Send results to Jonathan
       Picture on the conference form original SotM UK.
       Page on advice for Visas?
               Just point to government page.

       What is SotM like, what can you expect, what can you expect?
               Grab from previous SotM websites?
               Jonathan to write about his experience.
               Could pull quotes from other people.
               Requests to talk list, for someone to write their experience.


       Stuart update:
               PDF finished, ready for all systems go.
       ITO World have decided they’re the bronze sponsor.
               Don’t want to shout out they’re the first, but we can say we have a sponsor.
       Nestoria, quick win?
               Greg has contact with Ed Freyfogle
       Rob can help do web searching for contacts (e-mails/phones) we don’t have.
       Document is on sponsors page of website.
               Keep it there, or make you have to ask so we have their details to chase.
               Replace with enquiry form, or an e-mail address.
               Enquiry form ‘thank you page’ could have a link to the form, so we have their details.
               Jonathan will do that form, with link to pdf.


       No response from first release.
       Brian to tweak national one, and send it out early next week.
       and send it to walking magazines, if you walk to E2 end to end you get a free ticket.
       Send to Sustrans?
               Use NCN to cycle over 200 miles from home & get free ticket.
               Andy Robinson, might have advise for route.
       Put press releases on website as they go out.
       Going to GIS magazines?
               List of contacts is on the national release (hackpad link)
       Social media.
               Get FOSS4G, Maptember, etc.
       Shaun can help push messages written to Twitter.
               Will tweet about this meeting
       Send it to who will push out elsewhere

Call for Presentations, last year was April. - Too soon for us?

       If good talks come in, we can put them in early

Next conference call, possible to make this the focus of the call then be ready to open? Can we label the themes that we’d like to see?

       That’s going to emerge over next 2 weeks.

Shaun will be up in Birmingham on evening of 24th April?

       Someone will meet up with him!
       Shaun will buy the beers, or at least one round, maybe.

Next meeting:

       Wednesday 3rd April 2013. (2 weeks time).