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4th SotM13 meeting April 3rd, 2013 @ 9pm BST

Present - Shaun - Rob - Brian - Henk - Mike - Andrew - John

Apologies - Stuart - Deb - Gregory

Previous meeting (Google link removed)


Discount codes for accommodation are now available so we can go ahead with the signups, as they there are no blockers now.

Rates Early bird community: £60 Later community: £80 Buddies later: to be decided later £10 off for for OSM community members who are also OSMF members. Business/organisations - Regular early bird: £240 Business/organisations - Regular later: £320 They are 4 times the rates of the community price.

Discussion about how to make it a clear difference between community vs regular tickets

Sponsors: after agreement, they get a special discount with 100% discount so that they can sign up with a limited number that have signed up. It will be Henk who will issue those discount codes.

Website sponsor*s*. Public list of who’s coming and having an opt out. Eventbrite doesn’t allow you to have an opt out. We have question in the form to ask if people are happy to have us publish that they are coming. The list needs to be listed on another page. Needs to be done as a regular manual update.

Jonathan will do a dry run of the eventbrite signup so that we can check that it’s all working as expected.

We need to send an email to all OSMF members with the discount code.

Conference dinner won’t be an opt out. Dietary requirements is a question with the following options. no diet, diabetic, vegetarian, gluten free, free form field for others.

Questions on the eventbrite beyond the standard one: OSM username or company name: Tshirt size: Dietary options Whether to publish that they are going.

SOTM logo/advert even if it won’t be used on the site, it can be used on other sites to promote the conferences. Logo to be done by: Florian or Jonathan.

Announce that registration is open via Twitter: Shaun, Email from rob to CWG.

Conference Programme:

Major work on the programme brainstorming session has been fairly good recently.

Henk is making a copy of the form and spreadsheet from last year. Some mandatory fields. Abstract a few hundred words.

Call for presentations needs a paragraph of what we are looking for. Mary to write. Previous years has been fairly sparse compared the plans we have. The calls for presentations are logged into a google spreadsheet.

The SOTM website contact form should send the mail to only to Mary and Brian, with Mary as the primary contact, rather than the full team. A new alias is needed.

Session formats on the Call for Papers form: Short presentation, long presentation, poster, workshop. No panel this year. We will agree the form via email list over the next few days.

Public sector track? Shouldn’t be too restrictive in getting enough people/presentations. Stuart. Needs a strong publicity push. Public sector isn’t too British centric.

Early bird registration: End of May in Eventbrite, synced with ... After SOTM US. End of May has been decided, after a lot of discussion. Max of 600 people in the venue. Organisational Max is 500 people. Cancellation of the venue is early June. 13 weeks before the start of the event for no cancellation charges. Ideally Henk likes the early bird to finish before the cancellation period. Give SOTM US attendees a discount code to get the early bird prices.

Call start: 1.5-2 weeks. Call end: A lot of submissions come close to the deadline. 1 week after the early bird closes. Monday June 10th roughly. Possibility of 2 calls. Draft conference programme goes out at the latest in July. If there’s enough presentations submitted in the first wave in. Trying to promote more posters this year. Possibility get the CFP to coincide with the early bird. Don’t need to be completely strict on the deadline for the CFPs.

--- Sponsors See emails where there is some fairly good momentum at the moment.

--- Keynote speakers. Need to plan in advance so that people are not booked up by others. Steve Coast a possibility, however last year he only made a short announce re the license. Henk to be the main contact for approaching the OS. Apple not responsive. Henk may have other leads, and will be working on Garmin and ESRI. Tim Berners-Lee? --- Website: Brian to get editing writes so that he doesn’t need to bug Jonathan all the time. 20th April FOSS4G are doing a planning meeting. Cycling press release Brian has had numerous suggestions.

Scholarships $500 travel plus free travel within the US happening for SOTM US. Need £2000-3000 per person for scholarships from poorer countries. The biggest problem is the Visa paperwork and a lot of work organising flights and selection etc. Brian has a contact, that may be able to sponsor the scholarships and we may be able to outsource the scholarship programme to them.

Meeting ended: 22:24.

Next meeting:

       Wednesday 17th April 2013. (2 weeks time).