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5th SotM13 meeting April 17rd, 2013 @ 9pm BST

Present - Shaun - Rob - Brian - Henk - Mike - Andrew - John - Mary

Apologies - Stuart - Deb - Gregory

Previous meeting [Google link removed]


Henk has a contact in Garmin for a potential speaker. Registrations still not open due to integration issue with accommodation system at Aston. Jonathan and Brian will take an assessment of the system on Monday and we’ll open before the accommodation is ready, then send out a mail afterwards for those who have already registered.

Henk to setup sotm email for Brian and Mary for the CFP info@sotm goes to everyone currently, whereas it would be better to a smaller number of people. Brian, Mary and Henk on the list to cover incoming mail.

Problems contacting Florian re the logos for advertising SOTM on other websites.

Problems with talking to the UKBA, re visas, thus we’ll just point a link to the UKBA site. We’ll deal with the requests when they come.

Sponsorship: Nothing concrete at the moment. Often in management. Getting PR, but not sponsorship yet. Nestoria are sponsoring OSM plus instead of SOTM. Some are sponsoring OSM plus and SOTM US instead of SOTM. The difference conferences do have somewhat different target audiences. Question of ads to the other conferences and from those conferences.

The downside of the business day is that it hasn’t works so well for SOTM in the past due to having more of a community feel rather than a business conference. We need to be better at getting the right message across to businesses and the public sector. Why should they get involved? What will they get? Some legal workshop for businesses to be able to know more about the license, especially after the change.

Need to spread the load to more than Stuart re sponsorship.

Guilt factor for larger organisations who are using OSM and then they can give something back to the community. Tesco use OSM in their GIS planning department. Possibility of positive publicity for companies who are using OSM. Checking the apps on the app stores to see if anyone using OSM data is willing to sponsor.

Stuart is the co-ordinator for the sponsorship so pass everything to him.

Programme: should be able to make the call for presentations live in the next couple of days.

All the submissions to the CFP go into this spreadsheet: [Google link removed]

Next meeting:

       Wednesday 1st May 2013. (2 weeks time).