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6th SotM13 meeting May 1st, 2013 @ 9pm BST

Present - Brian - Henk - Rob - Jonathan - Floris - Shaun (late)

Apologies - Andy

Previous meeting [Google link removed]

Current number of sign-ups: 4


Student level accommodation Student level accommodation has a separate sign-up procedure. The

Website address for accommodation? In email? -> You have to go further through the registration process to see this.

Invoice only for regular tickets – some community members might be claiming on expenses? -> Accepted practice from last year. If we have any people raise it as a problem, we can do something for them (but don’t spend time advertising)

Registration logo – go with mono – download site? -> All agreed. Download from the (Jon to upload) or website.

Buddy Price Stucture next meeting -> Wait til after Early Bird closes

OSM/OSMF home page banners for registration and CFP -> With Harry Wood, but may need to be a discussion with OSMF/CWG first (e.g. Which events do we publicise- only SotM, local events, etc..). Henk and Brian to email Harry again. -> Brian to email Tom Hughes, Grant Slater with the banner -> The banner last year did really drive sign-ups! -> Unsure if we have ever had the banner on the OSMF page, but why not this year? Brian and Henk to resolve.

Cycling to go out Europe wide this week- contact name for marketing at Brooks Saddles for sponsorship for accommodation. Sponsors for accomm for walkers? -> Brain has sent the press release out / Rob to add to website -> Can we get a sponsor for the walking option? Try Nike (they have previously used an OSM map in an ad campaign), and other manufacturers of walking gear/boots.

Sponsors progress for Scholarships contact at Board level for Econet Wireless and Microsoft Africa -> Initial responses seem positive. Just a waiting game at the moment.

UKITA now feeding anything we send them to 15,000 members -> UK IT Association (trade body) for SMEs

Video Teasers from Henk/Floris -> To follow up offline. Will check quality.

Change tag cloud -> Is on the front page (carousel)

Placement of sponsor logos on sotm website -> Jon to check what we promised and ensure that the website is ready for this.

FOSS4G meeting 23 April – did anyone go? -> Nobody on the call went. Shaun may have gone (No). Will email and find out.

Business Promo text -> Where do we put it / how do we use it? UKITA -> Does it need tweaking to make it a bit more about SotM rather than OSM in general? -> Can be included in any emails sent to potential sponsors (as attachment). -> Is there any need to tailor it for a Public Sector audience? Maybe/Maybe not - Stu to take a look.

CFP update from Mary -> 5 received so far and all people contacted to confirm receipt. -> Usually most people leave it to the last minute. :-( -> Brian to fill in for Mary during 10-17th (Mary to send Brian the template she uses to reply to people). -> Brian to circulate Richard Weait’s email about posters -> We need to do a post about the poster exhibition (just to comment that details will follow in a few months). Brian/Rob will blog about this.

Sponsorship – local initiative progress – Deb seems happy with progress at international -> Stu has chased on main potentials (ESRI, OS, etc), added more companies to the list. -> List is now prioritised to help bring focus. We need to work out who has the influence within the high priority list. -> Ed Parsons at Google is interested in getting involved, but seems a bit cold on the sponsorship side. This seems normal for Google (they were last minute last year) -> For OS try Chris Parker.

Keynote speakers Henk update -> Welcome address from Digital Birmingham (welcoming people to Birmingham). Stu is working on this and will discuss strategy with Brian to ensure there is no embarrassing situation with two people working on this independently!! -> Henk has contacted Garmin about a keynote and potential sponsorship. Will follow up -> Does anyone have a contact in ESRI to send to Henk? -> Ordnance Survey (Peter) Henk sent mail last Monday. -> ODI / / ODUG / MySociety (Tom Steinberg)

OSM Plus -> There have been a few discussions about the interaction between OSM Plus, State of the Map US and State of the Map 2013. There is a difference in the focus of each conference. For now this distinction seems to be working fine, but it is an issue OSMPlus / OSMF are aware of.

Birmingham Library Map Archives -> The new library opens on the same day as the conference. Andy is looking into a partnership between the two.

Next meeting:

       Wednesday 15th May 2013 (2 weeks time). Brian to use the alternate dial in code (extra 5 at end).