State of the Map 2013/Minutes/2013-05-15 Meeting

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7th SotM13 meeting May 15th, 2013 @ 9pm BST

Present - Stu - Rob - Shaun - Brian - Andrew

Apologies - Henk

Previous meeting [Google link removed]

Current number of sign-ups: 45


Sponsorship update

OS likely to keynote now. Unlikely to sponsor due to already sponsoring other geo conferences this year. Some local organisations to follow up on. Hope for ESRI. No info yet from 1spatial.

Peter at the Cartographic society.

Brian will be off on holiday from tomorrow.

The agenda will help to dictate on who will be there and who will sponsor.

Various themes on the days.

Get xxxAGI? to help with the programme on the first day as they know more about the open data. Run the tact of it being an open data conference rather than just an OSM conference.

Once we have the speakers and the presentations coming in and decided then we’ll

12 mapping events in September, so a lot of competition for presentations, attendees and sponsorship.

HENK: What are OSM plus doing to convince people to sponsor?

SHAUN: Brain+Stuart to get list of cycling organisations to contact for the cycling challenge.

Sponsor logos - how to deal with sponsors contributing outside of standard packages

For example the cycling/walking challenge accommodation, or the company streaming video. To put the link/logo with what they are sponsoring, and a blog post as appropriate. Registration update

45 registered so far. Also the accommodation 17 have booked. 9 hotel, 8 residences. Pay by invoices haven’t been included yet, thus full figure unknown. Countdown for the number of days to go with the early bird. Conference Guide

Additional expense for booklet. Sponsors get space in the guide. The more spent on sponsorship means more space. Many people left their booklet at the hotel for the second day. What are the lead times? What are the costs? Time will creep up on us.

2008 was just 2 sides of A4.

Can probably leave for a couple of weeks? BRIAN to find out lead times from a local printer.

Banners/Posters. Poster exhibition

White tack can go on to the walls directly in the area for teas and coffees. Posters can be sent to Aston in advance and they’ll keep them there for us.

People to select “Poster” from the session format.

It’s aimed for people who can’t attend, or aren’t confident

A1 PDF, however we are aiming for people to print them themselves. Shaun to check if ITO World can print. Buddy Price Structure

Henk was interested in as it has worked in previous years. Bring it in a few weeks after early bird. The buddy gets the ticket half price, which is equivalent to the early bird. Which is the same price as last 2 years.

Probably start in July. Extend Early Bird due to hiatus with banner on OSM home page? No need to extend the early bird. The buddy ticket helps. Cross promo on other websites with SotM "banner" Passing the links to Maptember author. Other local groups to push them out to. Call for Presentations update

12 presentations so far. Publicise a countdown for the CfP. Tweet/Blog update Shaun/Henk doing Tweeting.

Posters info to go out next week.

Warrickshire election mapping...

How local groups are using OSM? UCL free places For GIS students, rather than professors/staff. For the support that they give the OSM project with server hosting.

Initially 5 free tickets for delegate pass only, no accommodation at this time due to lack of sponsorship and no accommodation for cycling and walking spaces. The hope is to get them helping out during the conference. Writing a blog entry of at least one presentation that they have watched would be useful for those who can’t attend. Bring forward concall time to 8pm? Full agreement. All future conference calls will be at 8pm local time now. All other items welcome


Next meeting:

       Wednesday 15th May 2013 (2 weeks time). Brian to use the alternate dial in code (extra 5 at end).