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8th SotM13 meeting May 29th, 2013 @ 8pm BST

Present - Henk - Shaun - Mike - Floris - Stuart - Brian - Rob - Jonathan - Mary - Gregory - Andrew

Apologies - Deborah

Previous meeting [Google link removed] Current number of sign-ups: 75


Sponsorship update Stuart: 1Spatial today. They are keen to sponsor. Still have problems getting people to sponsor. The plan is to get a list of attendees, the programme, and other things to encourage people/businesses to sponsor. ESRI Inc have sponsored in the past, whereas ESRI UK are not willing to response this year. ESRI UK are planning on sponsoring the British Cartographic Society.

Wording for the programme, paricularly for the Friday is in progress and will be distributed to the rest of the team shortly.

Mango Map were in Wired magazine. Brian has sent them a mail. List of about 20 who have expressed an interest in sponsoring. Starting to do the followups to get more to sponsor.

Floris has a Dutch company that he is going to speak to.

If you have any more sponsorship ideas send them to Stuart who will organise them.

Will Geofabrik sponsor? Deb has sent him an email.

Gregory has spoken to Landmark and their parent company. Needs followup which he’ll do. Nestoria are sponsoring one of the other OSM conferences this year, thus not able to.

Sponsors are only going on the home page if they are going for a standard package.

Budget cost rough 60k, 15k from tickets, and then the sponsors take up the rest.

Business tickets sold: 4 Community tickets sold: 71 £6.50 per ticket goes to Eventbrite for regular tickets and £2.15 per community ticket.

What can we offer companies who sponsor? If businesses want to see OSM survive then they need to help sponsor the conference to help discussions and help develop the community. These companies should be involved in these discussions to help drive OSM forward.

First time we had mapquest/AOL sponsor, they thought that it was a business conference and expected to be able to get more business. We can’t make the ideas that businesses will be able to gain new busness as it’s not that type of conference.

Personas to send to sponsors to help them to see who is coming to the conference is a possible idea.

Addresses that have been submitted with the tickets are often bogus.

Needing to use the marking speak to get the sponsors to sponsor. Friday structure to attract sponsors Ghost structure. Keynote speakers update to include what are we asking to present What are they going to speak about? We normally ask them what they want to talk about. They also have submitted a talk. Henk has spoken to Peter Ter Haar about doing a talk on the Friday morning about some project. Also mentioned that they won’t sponsor. Henk to discuss a specific title. Registration update – breakdown by community/standard See above for numbers. For reference purposes: Early bird registrations in 2012: 62 Call for presentations update 18 proper presentations. They are from UK, Singapore, Germany, Japan, and Russia.

Shaun has been pushing out various tweets. Has some scheduled. To get more topic to tweet about.

Encouraging Short talks helps with gender balance. Needs a better picture as it looks quite scary. More items on to the blog.

1 possible woman has submitted a talk, the rest are male.

Corporate talks can be short.

Lightening talks, the schedule usually isn’t fixed.

henk: to add Poster on the submission for call for presentations. Jonathan needs to regenerate the form to include the radio button.

Jonathan will be away, thus we’ll just leave the presentation form up after the deadline.

Promotion of poster session Tweets are going out. Promotion update – tweet /blog schedule – involve CWG more formally Yes, including invite to them to come. OSM London meetup same day/time. List of delegates It’s available now. Henk on OSMF policy as June contract deadline approaches given our position on sponsorship and registration Sponsorship issue not doing so well. Are we going to be able to pull it off with getting the sponsorship? Do we need to send out a distress signal? Is sponsorship going to come in? We are contracted in with things like the catering, thus can’t drop that. No conference dinner is contracted in. Need to decide by next week for no cost cancellation.

It’s fairly positive that sponsors tend to come in late. Probability percentage sponsorship.

There is a possibility of extremely bad reputation if we were to cancel the conference now due to press. We have committed about £25k on bare minimum conference including catering for 250 paricipants. Ticket sales 4.5k + sponsors 2k + 0.5k Up until 250 participants, there is no extra costs. Need to do more publicity to get more people to attend and sponsor. Part of the problems is the server donation drive that is currently happening.

Branching out to other areas for possible sponsorship in other geographic areas. Could the Foundation co-ordinate SOTMs?

There is the SOTM Baltic event coming up soon. SOTM FR was free, now 10 EUR. Our biggest competitor is SOTM US. They are taking people from the UK. There’s lots of mapping conferences in the UK happening in September. Much of the industry have already sponsored other events. We might be able to do a sponsorship drive from the community if there is a problem with the normal sponsors.

Someone to chase to MySociety Accommodation booking issues – resolved? Yes. Confirm code sent out to the team. Confirm email to get the code. Walking/Cycling challenge registration procedure and discount codes Henk can produce a discount code. UCL to get some code that is needed, Henk to create 5 codes. The places when within 3 hours. Walking /cycling challenge – 2 entrants so far? 1 to Walk from Stranrar, and another to cycle from Germany as a possible. Blog posts on the way. Can encourage more.

Walking/cycling challenge sponsorship for accommodation – no progress Canal Challenge – request received to have one Based in Coventry. Mapping in the past used to be sloppy. Not very active mapping now. Is he going to do a presentation? In principle yes, though needs the details sorted so that they are doing a similar distance. Conference guide - online quote received 400 qty 24 page guide £350 lead time 4 days noted. Can be left for later. Website advertising – initial discussion on rates/introduction dates/location Mainly for local entertainment, pubs etc for delegates. Brian has a list of people who do sometimes pay for that sort of thing. Where on the website would they appear? Conference Guide. Avoid cluttering up the website, though a page on the site. Vouchers and discount codes in the conference guide? Brian to ask the Birmingham Convention Bureau. Not something to chase for. Everything else welcome Henk to send mail to talk, osmf-talk, and announce about the end of the early bird registration.

There is no name “State of the Map” in the heading of the website. To be fixed by Jonathan.

Nicolas Crane

Carlton Reid

Will Self Psychogeography.

We can pay travel for interesting speakers to come. All other items welcome


Meeting closed at 21:40.

Next meeting:

       Wednesday 12th June 2013 (2 weeks time). Brian to use the alternate dial in code (extra 5 at end).