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10th SotM13 Meeting 26 June 2013 @ 8pm BST

Present - Brian, Henk, Mary, Rob, Floris, Shaun, Jonathan Apologies Stuart

Previous meeting [Google link removed]

Current number of sign-ups: 146

0. anything to comment about website Questions about the website - Harry to help edit the sponsorship logos page - Waiting for sponsorship logo from MapAction. Stuart sent others through via email. - Bytemark are printing mugs for us. Add them as a low category sponsor. Stuart to find out how many mugs they are willing to do and we could use this as a method for promoting ticket sales (e.g. first 200 people get a mug!) - Add a date for posters (2 weeks before, but encourage people to send the PDFs in early) - Poster files we need some form of upload site (too big for email). Shaun to organise. - Is there a closing date for the accommodation? No, but Aston are pushing for these to go back to them to use for another conference. We knew that this was always going to happen given that you cannot book them online, they are the same cost as the basic hotel room (and of a similar standard)! - Twitter feed broken due to change in API. An alternate feed is available but will need the Twitter account credentials. These have now been sent to Jon. 1. Sponsorship - I think this meeting is a breakpoint for the venue contract and we agreed to discuss whether we need a "panic" appeal to previous large sponsors

No additional sponsors in the last few days. Since last meeting:1spatial and MySociety Henk will get in touch with Deb and OSMF Board regarding push for sponsorship. AND, Mapbox and one other (?) - possible yes Brian asked about the UK sponsors. Specifically who issues an invoice for these companies. Henk to prepare a template (spreadsheet) that asks for all the information the Bookkeeper will need to raise invoices. Once this has been created Brian and others will be able to populate it. Spreadsheet can be used to monitor issuing of invoices and receipt of deposits. Henk to follow this up by this weekend. 2. Conference Entertainment for Fri and Sat evenings (linked to budget and funds which is why I've got it up front) - How are we going to handle 300 delegates on Friday evening? It would be nice to keep people together but we do not have the funds to do anything big. Suggestion is to find a street with a few suitable places and suggest people congregate there. Arcadian centre?? Brian to make some enquiries. (Plan A) - We could put something up on the wiki so people can join groups. - Would like to keep it open so that if we do get a rush of sponsors (!) we can try and organise a proper event. (Plan B)

3. Conference Programme - most of the meeting tonight including Jonathan on SotM feedback including conference AV and webstreaming as the budget might not stretch to 3 tracks which will influence what goes where.

Abstracts and Titles for presentations: - Useful but potentially a lot of time (12 hours work) - Can announce the programme now and add the abstracts to the website and conference guide later. - Do we write the abstracts ourselves or ask the presenters to do it (following guidelines)? Tempted to ask the presenters to do this. We will near to provide clear advice and probably based on a SOTM US. Brian to draft an email: - Email: One week from now: A thank you, you’ve been accepted. Confirm that they are attending at that the tickets are NOT free. Finally ask for an abstract and short title. Floris to send Brian email sent last year. Brian to draft an email and circulate to all. Mary to send out email to presenters, once it has been agreed. Lightning talks: - Need to find a block on Saturday and Sunday for lightning talks that sign up on the day. Friday: - Struggling to fit it all in on Friday. - Is 30 minutes for a “20 minute” presentation too long. What about 15 mins for presenting, and 5 mins Q&A and switchover. - Starting at 9:00 may be an issue. Often it’s a 9:30 start. - Brian, Rob and Mary to meet up to redraft with shorter sessions. [Rob: How about seeing if Stu if free too?] Video / streaming: - AV equipment can hook up to Laptops. 5. Merchandising T-Shirts at about £6 each. Enamelled badge at 50p each. Carrier bag (1000 for £150). All this is in the spreadsheet, plus banners, programmes, etc.. Brian to check details about lanyards with Stu (are 1Spatial giving us their own lanyards or are we expected to produce lanyards?). Answer = We produce 6. Promotion schedule Blogs and tweets to go out weekly. Rob and Shaun to organise timings and topics Jon to put sponsors on website

7. the perennial anything else crucial for tonight Henk to follow up with Alex from Mapbox. Henk to talk to Deb.