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11th SotM13 Meeting 10th July 2013 @ 8pm BST

Present - Henk - Gregory - Rob - Mary - Brian Apologies - Stu - Floris

Previous meeting [Google link removed] 168 Delegates Conference Programme Link to version 2 [Google link removed] Coloured according to confirmation response and tickets bought by speakers. Green, confirmed & ticket. Yellow, no ticket yet. Red, they’re not coming/cancelled. More green ready, the spreadsheet will be updated. lightning talk - happy to bring the 5 min talk together as part of lightning talk sessions. Henk talking about an OSMF collection of talks, 5 min pitch from each Working Group(WG), one after the other. Number to be checked, and reported back.

       What it does, what it’s achieved recently, how you can join/help
       Would be good to include an OSMF membership pitch.

Number 3: “03: Using big data and WebGL to bring real-world cities to life 20 min Peter Smart Vizicities” across two tracks.

       Thought it would be good. But the speaker has questioned having to pay to attend.
       Seems they use very little OSM data, just the river data, due to data quality. So not headline them?
               Agreed on not headlining, it’s an OSM conference first & foremost.
               Brian, Rob and Mary will talk after the call to find out where best to move this to.

Number 91: has been redacted. Speakers new talk is on row 111 of the CFP spreadsheet. Are we happy to do a direct switch? Brian, Rob and Mary to discuss.

Kate Chapman, HOT. Needs to be fitted in. 2 others contacted us that they failed to submit (multiple possibilities their end) Including Stu’s panel, will need to go in. (Brian Mary Rob) All documented in “call for papers” spreadsheet, which has a new column for queries that have come in post-confirmation. Brian, Mary, Rob Henk will chase about the AND presentation. Need it quickly to check what they’re going to say. Might be very interesting.

Update on Entertainment - Arcadian Centre and Sack of PotatoesBRIAN

       Sack of Potatoes manager was informally happy for people to come. To be confirmed formally via Andy.
       Arcadian Centre - large circular area with lots of eateries(bout 12), good for splitting up. Within shouting distance of everyone. Manager very happy, but need to contact each individual venue to find out about what they can do for us.
       Brian and Andy to check out complimentary beers!
       Delegate badge could be used as proof of any discount entitlement.

Is there anyway of accounting for PO numbers? for those who are attending and getting their employer to pay? ROB (on Stu’s behalf)

       Purchase Order number.
       Delegates may give us a PO, they need the invoice to include a PO number to match their system.
               Stu will need to ask their PO number and we’ll put it on an invoice.
               Henk has sent Stu details needed to create an invoice.


       Ed Freyfogle wants a free ticket. He is a sponsor (bronze level).
               Bronze level don’t get a free place.
               He’s more than welcome to book a community pass.
               Henk and Gregory think he’s a good long-term member/sponsor. If he really really needs a free ticket (despite his low sponsor level), he should write to Henk about his reasons.
               Stu to remain the contact with Ed.

Keynote Speakers

       Councillors, got the title
       ? , got his title
       Jeff, from BBC about maps, got his?
       Peter ter Haar, OS- Henk to chase
               Only put his name on V2 of programme, so it’s not public.
       Steve Coast, slot available if he wants it - Henk to ask.

Conference Programme- when to finalise?

       And shut the door on changes.
       Print deadline for conference booklet - is a few days before, 2 weeks?
               Henk thinks 2 weeks is a long lead time for sending the file to printers.
               May be time includes getting the copy set up, Brian to check up.
       Deadline to match print deadline.

Conference Guide

       Brian has seen the one from Denver
       It included a welcome from the state governor, we need one from Steve C or OSMF Chairman or something.
       Include adverts from sponsors, and spreadsheet from table.
               Don’t want to have to cross-reference with the speaker/abstract page.
               Better to have page turning in order of the times. Track on either side of double spread. What about 3, we’ll have to try someting.
               Ring bound helped kept it on the page you want.
               A5 size? Or A6 to go in pocket?
               Page of general info.
               Map of Birmgham?
               Brian to make a draft in time for the next call.
       Will there be big PC screens with programme?
               Big paper didn’t work for other conferences.
               It will be on Lanyrd, and that could go on screens if we have screens.
               Programme can include it will be online with any changes.

Filming Talks Civico is streaming talks but not filming them.

       2 students willing to volunteer time & equipment. The BCU Media School to get silver sponsorship as equivalent to the cost it would be (might be called Media Sponsor). Students will get out of pocket expenses, e.g. travel.

Accommodation Issues

       Mary to forward to Jonathan for providing help. He knows the system first hand.
       Jonathan to post document of his understanding/instructions to the mailing list.
       Discount code/instruction has now been added to the SotM booking confirmation e-mail.


       Rough budget put online for merchandise.
       Spreadshirt, free personalised - they’ve pulled out.
       Greg to follow on with brother (Jamie Marler of MOFO Sports)
               Simple bull - with slogan (don’t forget conference name & location).
               Get a full design & quote.
               Different colour for volunteer team, multiple to keep clean.
               Jon to work out numbers - to be done later when we need to order
               Check lead time
               Florian (and maybe Jonathan) has high-res logo images.
               Designs can be discussed in further calls.

Key Numbers

       168 delegates now booked in. 10% up since 2 weeks ago.
       Accommodation numbers not come though, Brian to chase.
       Buddy tickets available when? (Rob will find in previous minutes and send to Henk)Was it after early bird ends. What price? Check records.
               Jonathan to put it on eventbrite when checked with Henk.

Volunteers Rob is captain To bring up at next call.

Sponsor Updates

       Well done Henk for getting AND right away as platinum, they just needed a small nudge.
       Hope to get a couple more in.
       Key OSMers in Europe to be contacted and ask them for help & personal touch.
       Brian expecting one to pop up suddenly tomorrow!
       ByteMark - Yep, thats sorted and Stuart will sort it out.

Switch to weekly conf calls

       We’ll go weekly from now on, same day and time.
               People may still miss some, but it’s a shorter time till the next one.
       Can we use this number any time for things like Programme sorting?
               Henk: Yes you can, so long as you don’t bump into other WGs.
                       If you do, bad luck.
                       Tuesday 7pm BST = in use.
                       Wed should be fine.
               Btw, the conf call system is still paid for by CloudMade (thanks).

Brian to write blog post about Birmingham’s Lawn Tennis history.

Next Meeting

       Wed 17th July (next week!), 8pm BST, same place.


Follow up meeting 15th July

Rob, Brian, Mary

  • REMOVE: 99: Power to the Public (20 min)
  • REMOVE: 25: Proposal to investigate the possibilities of integrating openstreetmaps with opensimulator (10 mins)
  • REMOVE: 02: OpenStreetMap and Flight Simulation (20 mins)
  • REMOVE: Jerry Brotton (Keynote)

  • ADD: Stu’s “Not a Panel”
  * The panel thing is probably not good enough for a keynote slot. The chaps participating like the idea of it being more of an informal discussion and including the audience, rather than a panel thing.
  * Based on this info Track 3 may be better??
  • ADD: State of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (20 mins ??)
  • ADD: OSMF Working Group 5 minute slots
  • ADD: We need to find a solution to the missing Keynote

  • CHANGE: Complete change in talk 91. New entry is in row 111. Can we agree a direct switch?
  • CHANGE: Can we extend the length of Panel “20” at all?? (e.g. to 40 minutes)
  • CHANGE: 55, 58 and 83 all by same speaker (Jerry Clough). Need to space 55 and 83 out a bit more.
  • CHANGE: 03: Using big data and WebGL to bring real-world cities to life 20 min needs demoting and something else to take its place.
  • CHANGE: 64: MapIt Global: easy lookup of boundaries in OSM (20 mins) has requested to be moved to Sunday (ideally).
  • CHANGE: 42 and 43 by same speaker - maybe move them about a bit??

  • ACTIONS: We have had a few responses from our Workshop hosts (these are in the Actions column of the Call For Presentations spreadsheet). Can we please review these.
  * (Row 36)
  * 1. do you have whiteboard paper and markers available?
  * 2. in the workshop the attendees will be split up in groups of two to three persons. They should be able to discuss with each other, without interfering with others. I don't know the size of the room or the possibility to send several groups outside. Depending on that, it might be good to limit the number of people attending to 12.
  * 3. I don't know how many people will want to share their dreams on the future of OSM. It might be 2. It might be 50. If there's flexibility in programming (for instance: with 48 we would need 4 workshops) than I would go for that option. Your idea might be good to run it twice to accommodate 24 people. However, do you have the flexibility to increase the number of workshops if for instance we might need 4 workshops?
  * (Row 59)
  * As for specific requirements for the workshop, I don't have any at this point. The last time I ran something similar here in Dublin we had about 40 attendees and it went very well, so I don't forsee a limit on numbers being required.
  * I would be happy to run it more than once, if there was demand for it.
  * (Row 110)
  * To clarify, we'd certainly be interested in holding a workshop, but the format would be quite hands-on and would probably work best with a smaller number of people. How are workshops usually organized?

  • ACTIONS: Talk 31 abstract is still very vague. Do we need to intervene?
  • ACTIONS: Talk 41 seems to be a repeat of SOTM 2012 - Should we add this to the end of the abstract?
  • ACTIONS: Talk 52 - The Brewcamp - Logistical issues regarding tea and cake (vs Aston’s catering service)??
  • ACTIONS: Talk 95 - Vision for website. This is a follow on from SOTM US and is due to provide replies to customer feedback. Should we post the original SOTM US video and slides to “talk” to promote discussion?

  • OTHER: Details about AND sponsor’s session.