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12th SotM13 Meeting 17th July 2013 @ 8pm BST Present - Gregory - Mary - Brian - Jon - Shaun - Stuart - Mike - Rob (late) Apologies - Floris, Henk

Previous meeting [Google link removed]

Conference Programme update (V3) [Google link removed] (access needed - Rob)

Green = confirmed & ticket, and abstract given. Yellow = confirmed, but no ticket yet. White = not responded to any e-mails yet, may be no-shows.

  • Stu’s “non-panel” (number 21) is called... ?
  • Order of keynotes
  • Still waiting for where Harry’s competition is.
  • Only problem, row 84: not enough time for OSMF working groups?
  • Row 26, not a problem, have a rest 5 or 10 mins early
  • Think it’s all okay, but good to keep having everyone look over & check it.
  * Think of titles for sessions (times between breaks) if possible.
  • Items in bold are of no significance (Rob: They have some significance to me - e.g. keeping track of where we must keep sessions from the same speaker separate).

Conference Presentations (Mary) 1 person needs an invitation for visa, Henk working on. 2 didn’t want publicity when registred (will check programme ok - Mary’s sent emails) Brian to chase Henk to check AND presentation details. Conference Guide (Brian)

Discussion and decision on layout plus volunteers to edit - suggest one per day Some abstracts will need to be edited to cut down, not many. Volunteers to help Brian (Friday) & Mary (Saturday) copy & paste conference programme to guide document. Mike (Sunday) can help.

       Use revised abstracts in Column Q.

[Google link removed]

Print lead time is 3-4 days before delivery (do proofing before)

Conference Volunteer team (Rob)

We can leave this till next week - there's no urgency on this

       Rob absent, so passing over.

Promotional schedule (Shaun/Rob) - need Google Drive spreadsheet for planning

       Would be great to have this.
       Shaun can/will do, he’s just been playing by ear so far.
       [Google link removed] is the spreadsheet for the publicity.

Conference Media Streaming (Brian)

Quick decision needed on twitter feed display (I'll explain in the call - functionality I forgot to mention before) Civico Live suggest we have a twitter screen in the conference (not directly behind the audience)

       Brian: can add complication, cost, difficulty, distraction. Could just do it in the refreshment area
       Agreed refreshment area only.

Merchandising updates (Brian/Greg/Stuart)

See Google Drive doc- mainly on designs,deadlines, payment and delivery

       Spreadsheet updated with lead times [Google link removed]
       Delivery address to venue in spreadsheet
               Publicise the end-time to book if you want a personalised one.
               Waiting for design to be returned
               What do we want on the carrier bag?
               Logo done to death?
               Map, will need special design that will work with material.
               Marketing Birmingham, have they got some B&W image we could use.
               Will have to order 1000, just a simple OSM reusable one?
                       Wider than Brum, very generic
                       Reflective for cycling? Reflective vinyl stickers. - but not big funds

       Auction to get rid of conference left overs
               People getting bored of it
               Put this on agenda next week.

               black, white, and blue, from website/logo
               Volunteer, just different colour
                       explain in conference
               Difference between volunteer/delegate, okay for visually impaired (colour blind) - 
               Team numbers - not needed just yet
               3-5 day lead time, not needed to discuss yet
               Covered by Stu. Authorisation waiting from 1spatial to use logo by manufacturer.
       Name tag
               short lead time
               covered in previous agenda item

Registration update (Henk) Henk not in meeting. Last figures, 178 Do a blog about accommodation. (Rob)

       Try and get registrations up (encourage can be done now, and accom done later).

Sponsor update (Stuart/Henk)

       Pushed to European contacts, nothing really coming back
       Translations holding things back a little
       Deb is chasing up Yandex, who has a person coming to do a talk.
               would be good to get, 60% of Russian market
       Got quite a few more “no”s by going back to people
       Nothing heard from MapBox, left with Deb.
               Ask Henk if he has anything from Mapbox, Garmin, etc
               Any of them coming?
               Jon doing a talk on “Vision of”, following up from Saman’s SotM US talk
       Esri Inc people, want to get involved instead of Esri UK?
       No more responses really
               New areas are keen to attend/learn, not to sponsor yet
               Existing businesses have tight purse strings this year
       Takes a week to get logos out of them, so nearing end time for new sponsors
       Need to check sponsor packages, who gets to go in the programme/how.

Website update (Jonathan)

We can skip this if things are stable and there's nothing to discuss

       Having a form for posters?
       Anything else we need. Could create a Google Form.
       Shaun needs something to marry up with posters that go in dropbox.
       Any limit on number accepted?
               Get them in, and regularly report back.
       100 word limit to be put on the poster abstract text box.
       Jon will do the form.

       Mates Rates
               Not a problem of clarity.

Brief item on agenda items going forward

       If you want to raise something, it should be mentioned by e-mail first (even if you do that just before the call).

Only 54 minutes on the call!