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13th SotM13 Meeting (6 weeks to go) 24th July 2013 @ 8pm BST Present

- Rob, Mary, Henk, Jonathan, Brian, Shaun


- Floris, Stuart

Previous meeting [Google link removed]

Registrations: 178 (Rob to do another blog post - e.g. Mugs) Accommodation: Aston Conference Hotel = 34, Student Residence = 23

Sponsors We need to draft up a check-list of things that we need to speak to the sponsors about (silent slides, wording on website/guide, naming of breaks, exhibition stands, etc..). Copy the table from the the prospective sponsors PDF.

Who is in charge of speaking with sponsors? ANSWER: The person who got the contact in :-) Henk to feed this back to the required people (Deb, Stuart, anyone else??)

Public Sector Lots of requests for discounts/free tickets. Discussion on pro’s and con’s of giving free tickets. DECISION: To suggest they get a community ticket (Henk offering to put a discount code for the Regular price - if they feel uneasy about buying a “Community” ticket).

Rob to email Cov CC about Mates Rates tickets (and Centro etc...)

Volunteer Team and tasks (Rob) ACTION - ALL: If you have not already done so (and are able to volunteer) please add you name to SotM Volunteers

  • Rob will chase the missing UCL students. If they don’t sign up then offer the tickets back to UCL
  • Possibility to have people pointing the direction to the venue.
  • Brian may walk the route from New Street station videoing the route. Speed up the video and post online.Potentially using still photos instead.

Conference Guide (Brian and Mary)

Specifically help on General info and decision on keynote biogs and welcome intro by Simon Poole

  • Still awaiting some abstracts.
  • Concerns about people who are still marked as white (despite three emails). We will give people a deadline of 1st August.
  • Convert the document to Word format (doc) for final layout.
  • Brian to speak to printers about what form they want the guide in (PDF, Size, Margins - us or them, etc..)
  • Brian to contact Simon Poole to write welcome note

Conference Programme (Rob and Brian) We're leaving this alone until the last few presentations confirmed - but specifically should Rob publish v3? Conference Programme v3

Decision on WG session (Rob)

  • Every working group to introduce themselves in 3-4 minutes ( = 21 mins + Q&A = 30 minutes).
  • How about desks in the refreshment area for WGs
  • Move WG’s before Lightning talks.

Report on workshops and workshop catering (Brian)

  • Flip charts and marker pens will be in the rooms (via conference aston)
  • Mary to write Judith Carr, running a brew camp, to explain she has to use Aston catering
  * Aston do not allow us to use our own catering (risk of food poisoning etc.)

What about “Red” session (Row 31). Rob to look back through emails to see what the suggestions were.

Final Session - Pledge session (along with poster)??

Delegates name badges (Mary) Nothing major to report. Brian has been in touch with Jon about these?? Different colours for speakers and volunteers.

Community delegates get the OSM Username on the badges Regular delegates can put a company name on their badge, in place of OSM user name.

Also include a country flag (NO flag) and country code (e.g. GB). Also need a suitable printer for people signing up on the day/last minute.

Conference Media Streaming (Brian)

Decision on on Civicolive offer and expenses/conference dinner to volunteers and credits to BCU/volunteers AGREED: Daniel to go ahead with the AV. Students to do the actual filming. Brian to discuss with Dan. Also raise the concern about being able to keep a copy of the videos.


  • Lanyard order placed
  • Decision needed on carrier bags (Brian)
  * Choice of expensive biodegradable, cheaper lasting one. AGREED: Cheap
  * Colour = Yellow,
  * AGREED: OSM logo on both side (in greyscale)
  * Minimum order = 1000 (£240), but could up it to 2000 (£378) and we can sell them at nominal cost on the merchandising
  * Brian to send a picture of the bags around to team.
  * ALL: Need to make a decision on order quantity.

  • Update on T-shirts (Greg) - specifically do we need yet another colour for the media crew?
  * Yes, this is a good idea.

  • Update on enamel badges?
  * Awaiting sight of the art work.

Update on budget (Brian)

Specifically who's tracking getting in money from sponsors?

  • Take a look at the budget file. We will be ok if we sell 250 tickets.

Next meeting: 8pm UK time - Wed 31st July