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14th SotM13 Meeting (5 weeks to go) 31st July 2013 @ 8pm BST Present - Mary - Rob - Brian - Shaun - Stuart - Henk - Jonathan - Greg (10 minutes late) Apologies


Previous meeting [Google link removed]

Registrations: 185 Accommodation:

Hackday (Brian)

Aston Science Park only have space availability on Monday 9th for 20 people. Can we extend to 60 people (Brian to check) Also need to check accommodation - Aston Hotel is likely to be a no as they did not hold rooms back, but student villages may be ok. Brian to check. [Rob: The Student Halls sign up page already includes Sunday].

Will need to pass the info on to Tom Hughes and Grant Slater so they can circulate this to their contact lists.

Will need sponsorship for food for the hack team.

Stuart to work with Shaun on this one.

The Science park are donating the venue, so should be put on as a supporter in the sponsors list.

Sponsor update (Henk/Stuart)

Payments and content provision

  • Debs and Stu have now started to chase for silent slides/content etc..
  • Stu will update the MySociety address in the spreadsheet. Also need to update MapAction on the spreadsheet and then it is ready for Oliver.
  • Henk has mailed Oliver about this but has not heard back from him so will follow this up.
  • Henk has already sent the free tickets link to the sponsors who are entitled to free tickets.
  • Henk has had confirmation today that they (Mapbox) will be a silver sponsorship. Will need to add the details to the sponsors page of the website. (Jon)

Registration update (Henk)

Anyone know if BCC have registered? - Not on list yet (1900 hrs BST)

  • 185 but not sure if BCC have signed up.
  • Stu to check with BCC to see if they have signed up.
  • Pete Lancaster (Warwickshire CC) has tried to contact Andy R ?something to do with setting up invoice? Brian to ask Andy R


I think we can leave most of this until next week because deadline is tomorrow for late presentations

  • Keynote speakers - Rick Robinson confirmed OK with revised time - Henk SteveC and PetertHaar also?

  • Rob - Pledge Wall idea - we will need text for website and conference guide and someone from volunteer team to capture and present.
  * Rob asked about adding comments to the website blog (Jon to check)

  • All - any more ideas around final session?
  * We could each pick something from the pledge wall and discuss it.
  * We also need to find a big bang ending!!

  • Brian - Programme printing costs risen to £780 ( A5 64pp 12 of which colour (maps, sponsor logos, keynote biog pics etc) ring bound with colour card covers)
  * PDF format and margin of 15mm for the ring binding.
  * Deadline: Sufficiently close to the conference so that we can relax for now.

  • Conference Dinner - do we want live music? If yes - who's competent to choose and book? If no, do we want a DJ?
  * No, not really. Dinners are more for speaking.

  • And posters in general - we need to push this a bit more.
  * Mary has a few people (can you add the details to the form or ask them to do this)
  * Deadline is about 10 days before (but Rob will check in old minutes = Wed 28th). If bringing own poster there is NO deadline.
  * Send out a blog and some tweets.

Volunteer Team/Tasking (Rob) Leave to next week. We may need a few more people - look at who originally said they may be able to

Media Crew (Brian)

Contacted Dan at Civicolive for meeting next week. Will not need anymore support as he is using robotic cameras. He is happy to have university students to help with roving mics etc.

During the breaks the students can do some interviews (live?)

Merchandising (Brian/Greg)

  • Approve poly bag artwork - Brian to place order

  • enamel badges and lanyards ordered,

  • T shirts update. The sizes have been collected through eventbrite (Henk to provide sizes - sum totals). The cut-off is when? 3 weeks? Rob to send high-res bull logo Gregory. New colour for media team. Brian to sort out sizes for Team and Media t-shirts
  * Greg should then be able to show artwork for discussion next week.

  • Should we consider pens?
  * Cheapest printed pen I've found is £120 for 500 -blank obviously cheaper.
  * Check with our larger sponsors and Aston conference.

  • (Items for Henk - can Oliver confirm with me when payments sent to merchandise suppliers? and has 50% stage payment to Aston been made?)

Conference Banner

Design ideas - multilingual like design on Wiki? OSM banner in multiple languages:

We shouldn’t use this one as it has the old logo and describes us as a “wiki map” (we have dropped using this wording now)

Sponsors promised their logo on the “conference floor” banner: Tungsten, Diamond, and Platinum. As per the website today, we only have 2 platinum sponsors, none at the higher levels.

Speakers lecterns banners.

Budget update (Brian)

£costs still contained within original budget, £6,000 deficit with previous registration total, if 250 target achieved we'll have £5000 surplus.

  • Can we think about what we will do if we end up with a surplus.
  * Ideas include better catering (as scaled back from initial plans)

Next meeting: 8pm UK time - Wed 7th August