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15th SotM13 Meeting (4 weeks to go) 7th August 2013 @ 8pm BST Present - Brian, Rob, Shaun, Jon, Mary, Stuart, Gregory, Henk (part time) Apologies

Previous meeting [Google link removed]

Registrations: 196 Accommodation:

Actions from last meeting (Rob)

  • Ran through actions from last meeting - all major items ticked and done.
  • Blog post / talk mailing list about posters (Rob)

Check on who's chasing whom for late presentations (Mary) Mary chasing all except Mr Gale. Stuart chasing Mr Gale. 2 people have booked since the email went out. Posters to be pushed after Friday (ie email to those who cannot after all present) (Mary)

Final Rejig of conference schedule (Brian)

Suggest we just lengthen slots to cover gaps (keep some gaps later on for re-run of popular presentations for those who were in another session?) Brian, Rob, Mary to find a suitable time to finalise the programme. = Saturday 10am ConCall

Aston University Room catering changes (Brian)

See proposal on shared drive Aston Business School was due to be refurbished (rooms where we were going to have the breakfast, lunch and conference dinner). The building work has been moved forward and now conflicts with our conference

Breakfasts will now be held in Lakeside centre (2 mins away), lunches will be held in the “teas and coffees” room. Proposal is to hold conference dinner in Main Lecture room. The chais all fold back. We could also use the adjoining lounge room as a bar area. It looks like Aston are offering a pre-drinks reception, and other goodies.

Classic rooms have already been refurbed - brand new rooms for delegates

Opinions/Comments? - The powerpoint presentation belongs to Aston Uni. - How much time do they need to push the seating back and set up for the conference dinner (Saturday 7:30 pm). - Try to leave an extra half hour on Saturday evening. - Getting more without having to pay more is good. - Can we have tea and coffee available throughout the conference. Maybe they are proposing this with the free fruit and biscuits. - Seems good. What is the plan B? - The Plan B is that we go elsewhere (Aston are happy to sort this out for us as long as it is within walking distance) - Better to go with Aston’s idea. - AGREED: We will run with Aston’s proposal :-)

Budget update

Costs still within budget, £6K loss with current nos, £3K surplus if we hit 250 registrations (might be less as regular subscriptions are slow) The budget has been updated. The regular subscriptions are slow so we may not get to that £3000 in the end :-(

Hack Day (Stuart and Shaun) We could do with a blog post (Stu, and check with Shaun). If you cannot find you website log in details then send the blog post to Rob

Need to set up an EventBrite booking system (Stu)

Volunteers (Rob) To discuss next week. 1 UCL has said they’re not attending. Rob needs to follow this up. 15 now on the spreadsheet. Want it up to 25?

How have volunteers been recruited for other conferences?

       Check proposal bid.
       Maybe send an e-mail to Talk-GB asking people and listing the jobs we have.

T-shirts (Greg) 2 navy for the media crew. Team get orange Go for 300 delegate t-shirts based on the scaled up sizes that we have already sold.

Brian will need to find out the t-shirt sizes for the media crew (3 t-shirts each)

Rob to go through and check the Volunteers calendar so that we have a better idea of the total number - 20 or 25? Noted that 20 does seem quite a large team.

Mary to send email to the volunteers asking for their t-shirt sizes.

Maptember T shirts (Brian- I haven't sent Harrys' words to FOSS4G yet) Who are the FOSS4G charity? Brian to contact them to find out who the charity is.

Brian will also chase Harry about OSM t-shirts - on time for the conference or after the conference?

{Henk joins the call at this point}

Henk is uncertain about the answer as to whether the OSMF Board is happy to go ahead with this. He re-iterates that he would like to know who the charity is.

What about a 50/50 split with the profits?

Media Crew (Brian) (specifically lunchtime interviews)

Brian has met with Dan. Two students - one has already agreed to doing lunch interview. We will need an interviewer from OSM (someone who know who is good to talk to and what questions to ask).

We get all the IP rights. Not streamed, just recorded to be edited later. Grant will do backups.

3 cameras in the main lecture theatre, and 1 in the smaller room. ________________ Banners (Brian) popups approval (3x3m either side of the speaker).

       Brian to go to a banner company for prices (£80 each?)
       Artwork to be done, generic OSM ones?
               Need to have one with all the sponsors on.

Aston reporting back on an external banner - generic one?

Conference group photo Will need to have a time slot to organise. (Rob, Mary, Brian) Allow 30 mins to get everyone ready. Where? In the huge plaza. Where will the sun be?

       Not just before the AGM - this is a bad time to do it as there is a lengthy sign in process for the AGM etc..

Merchandise (Brian) (report only I'm getting artwork confirmations and now delivery confirmations so invoices are being paid , also got a supply of 50 pens from Aston Uni - Henk to report on other sponsors next week) Henk to talk to sponsors about goodies for the bag?

Conference Guide Cover

no 3 seems to be the favourite so far Agreed Cover Picture Number 3. Sponsors update (Stuart)

Specifically how do we treat Bytemark? and do we have a count of uptake of sponsor free delegate places How are we treating Bytemark - bronze? supporter? They do provide hosting and DNS. Treat them as a bronze sponsor.

       Free delegates? Henk can give them free registration code.
       Henk will get a break down of current registrations, which used a free code.

Conference Information Desk - Jonathan suggestions ( BoF requests, display of definitive timetable/changes) Good to have a volunteer always on hand for questions. - Desk manned. Someone on hand checking & updating Lanyrd website.

       Lanyard can be updated by multiple people.
       Jon volunteered to check  Lanyrd is up to date every break time.
       Brian volunteered to keep the analogue version up to date
       A flipchart or screen behind the desk to show current (and up to date) schedule.
       There is a screen that will be showing twitter feed.

Brian, Mary, Rob, and Jon, are meeting on Saturday to agree/confirm final programme.

       Then Shaun can make a song and dance about it on Lanyrd.

Next meeting: 8pm UK time - Wed 14th August

Post Meeting notes Mary, Rob and Brian spoke together on Saturday morning. We have reduced the number of people to chase to 3, and are planning to have a final programme by Wednesday.