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16th SotM13 Meeting (3 weeks to go) 14th August 2013 @ 8pm BST Present - Brian, Rob, Henk, Stuart, Mike, Mary, Jon, Gregory


Previous meeting [Google link removed]

Registrations: 216 Accommodation: ?

Amazon Not sure if will be a Platinum or Gold sponsor

Conference Programme update (Rob/Mary) (have we got abstract for AND presentation - yes - in Word document - overflow for Track 2;

Ed Freyfogle and Susanna Ånäs now booked. Gary Gale sounds like he will book once he has travel arrangement booked.

Harry Wood has pulled out, but will launch the mobile app competition at SOTM for 2014.

BCC not yet actually registered even though they have been given a Community discount code. Not sure who will be doing the Welcome to Brum speech. Brian to meet with Digital Birmingham tomorrow so he will raise it with them.

Brian to play around with conference programme Thursday morning. Rob to send him comments after this con call.

Large lecture theatre = 600 Small lecture theatre capacity = ?

Tokyo handover - Taichi FURUHASHI is attending from Japan - Nice idea but Friday already packed. Could do it Saturday (Rob to speak with Taichi). AGM has stayed in the same place (1700 hours on Saturday). Will need an hour.

Press Credentials (Brian) Not “The Future Group”, it’s a group of OSM users called “The Future Group” to be discussed.

Henk: for press we usually have a “meet here” point to the side of the welcome desk. Usually if press are going to write something, they’ll get in for free. Normally they won’t be there very long, just to get a sense of atmosphere. Record who they are with business cards. Make yellow “delegate” cards for the press. Suggest to put out a fresh press release.

SotM Baltics got on the National Estonian TV, 9pm news. Just send them press releases. BBC TV is probably unlikely, but might get regional radio news easily.

Brian is the local press contact to call if they want to ask when they can turn up. Brian may then forward them to(or arrange a meeting with) Henk/Steve for OSMF details.

Final conference session format (all) Poster time (pledge wall). Suggestion of unusual things you’ve seen while mapping. (Rob will do a blog post), what about the prize? We could reimburse the cost of ticket (but requires a bit of admin stuff). Alternatively a free t-shirt, or a conference banner. Image of the week on the wiki. Judging panel = Rob, Jon, Henk.

Henk has a nice piece of wood, an award we (OSMF/OSM community) got from the Geospatial World Leadership Awards - Geospatial Content Organisation of the Year 2012

       What should we do with it until we have an office in Geneva? Let everyone take a photo with it.

Sponsors update (Henk/Stuart) mainly sponsor requirements for free places, break naming, silent slides We have 7 places for MapQuest and Skobbler(has 2). Matt Amos from MapQuest paid to attend. AND want to sign-up 6 (they only get 4) so Henk is going to persuade them to upgrade their sponsorship. Volunteers, Lester has (Rob: “hasn’t” wasn’t it?) signed up. The 2 from UCL haven't, are they still coming?


Naming breaks. AND should get the main lunch break, because they were the first platinum sponsor.

Soprah still potential on a sponsor. Deadline, got another week.

Hackday update (Shaun/Stuart) ITO World providing lunch 19 tickets gone :-)

Brian has a meeting in Innovation Birmingham tomorrow. Anything to check out?

       Power sockets, how many? Check layout of room tables? Check hours.

Blog post and talk-gb and talk mailing lists posts gone out.


Conference Guide - cover update (Brian) Sent to team. Comments about photos of sign on front page. Map on back page.

Change the black to match the dark brown of the church.

Back cover = map. Circle the venue and the hackday venue (or marker pins). Leave off the accommodation. Brian

Guide for presenters Brian - resolve issues in red

Will have a go at shortening

Apple Keynote and others should export to the listed formats, or bring your own laptop.

Where are we getting the presenting laptops from.

       Crowdsource them.

Girona we looked at hiring laptops for 3 days, easier/cheaper to buy laptops then auction them off. We can try crowdsourcing them - from SotM team (e.g. session captains). Does the venue (uni) have any available if we ask? - Brian to ask.

Can’t leave laptops in the breakout room. Speakers will have to bring their own.

E-mail is the best way to send slides beforehand.

       presentations[at}stateofthemap{dot]org - forward to Stuart. for collation.
       Presentations to be numbered/ordered and same name as conference guide.

Brian to edit Presenters’ Information Rob to reduce Mary to email to presenters

Banners costs - Brian Brian’s proposal of sizes is £50 over his original budget.

       Might also do a generic OpenStreetMap one.
       Nowhere to put a traditional wide (tie on) banner inside.
       Roll-up banners “giraffe” 3m(tall)x2m or (baby giraffe” 2mx?
               Henk is in awe at the size “that’s huge”
               Anyone know a graphic designer with proper software.
               Inkscape is good enough - it does SVG exporting which is vectors.
               Henk may be able to help you with his knowledge.
               Banner markers have a template, they want high-res pdf of esp.
               Brian to send Henk the template.

Volunteers - Rob (no response from Rob, will return to this section) Go back to UCL (Rob) Florian (Rob) Conference Activities -Rob

Budget update Brian Income has now been flexed downward, less expectation of delegates.

       If Amazon come in, we will be in surplus.
       Even without, we have No Worries!

See budget spreadsheet. Merchandise update

- nothing to decide- 

T shirt order placed Polybag place are ready for printing. Badges are on the good.

- Harry Wood OSM T-shirts and HiViz vests - we will just leave it for him and have some space for him to do that.
       Andy Allan or Grant Slater may have some previously left. Shaun to check.

Meeting finished 9:18pm. They will likely get longer as we get into the nitty gritty. Goodnight.

Next meeting: 8pm UK time - Wed 21st August