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17th SotM13 Meeting (2 weeks to go) 21st August 2013 @ 8pm BST Present Brian, Mary, Gregory, Henk, Rob, Shaun

Apologies Jonathan, Stuart

Previous meeting [Google link removed]

Registrations: Accommodation: No details

1. Proposal that from now on as the detail multiplies we have a Google Drive table of actions and things to remember in which we can check things off and this becomes our agenda Rob: We had this at one stage: Master SotM Action List (also the SotM Organisation Tool)

2. Registration update Henk 238 sign-ups (of which 14 were free). 6 team still to sign up 9 unused tickets for sponsors

3. Accommodation update No info from Aston

       Unexpected that their place will fill up.
       Not important to carry this on future agendas (unless any situation changes).

4. Sponsor update Henk Still working on Amazon (Platinum or Gold). Henk trying to get them most interested in Platinum. Likely they’ll at least go for gold. Stuart still has Sopra on his list, unknown how much of a yes they are (bonus if we get it).

4.1 Budget update Brian In good shape, not over budget. If Amazon at Platinum, we should be making a profit of £1400, otherwise loss of about £700. Breakeven or a small surplus.

5. Imminent deadlines:

  • Print deadline Wed Aug 28
  • Mug deadline Sat Aug 24 (NO, reading Bytemarks email (a) I’m not sure he realised 24th is a Saturday, (b) It is a bank holiday weekend so won’t be processed to Tuesday. We have agreed to send the list to Bytemark on the 22nd - i.e. tomorrow - to play it safe). - Full name only. Henk to send mail with full list to Mary 10am(Henk Time, 9am BST) Thursday. Stuart to liaise with Bytemark for delivery.
  • Menu deadline Fri Aug 23
  • Final Press Release Mon 2 Sep
  • Close registration -just keep going? - leave discussion for next week’s confcall

6. Programme update Brian & Mary (finishing times Friday and Sunday, welcome speaker) 95% complete. Amazon will want to present if they go for Platinum (probably Friday), two sessions will have to be pushed to the breakout session. Finishing times, Friday 17:20 might have to be lengthened.

       Rob: Update v4 for 25 minute breaks, extend day by 5 minutes, allows 50min lunches.

Lightning talks, if we don’t have many then push the final session forward on the day. Rob: Talk 94 (Alyssa W) needs to be marked as a Keynote (as it previously was and is on the published version). - was a formatting issue. Birmingham City Council have secured a welcome speaker - Counc. Reg Mac? Mary: Posters. E-mail sent to presenters, 1 has sent one, someone else was waiting for a link to submit their poster.

       Shaun has a link for posters to be submitted. Link needs to be sent to those that have registered posters (Rob).
       “Head to and enter in the password: SotM2013poster to upload the poster as a PDF in A1 format. The file name should be your name and the title of the poster.”
       1 poster that is being printed is to be sent to the creator in India afterwards. (Mr Singh)

7. Guide for presenters Rob See below the line on this document: [Google link removed]

I suggest deleting bullet points in red - we are not a nursery school (kindergarten) :-) Rob and Brian to discuss the document out of the concall, and bring it back to the team.

Be aware there are lots of non-native-English-speakers in the audience.

E-mail address for the slideshows to be sent? It is… presentationS@... (Henk to set up presentation@... just in case they get it wrong [done]).

8. Volunteer update Rob [Brian: despite item 1, I propose that our next concall is mainly taken up with conference on the ground organisation] Rob chasing numbers at the moment, gone back to UCL (they’ve recently been sent 3 more discount codes as not all had signed up). Rob will be finalising it now with the tasks for each person. Next week send the list to the team and spend most of next week with people working out what they’re doing. Right sort of numbers?

       Henk: about 1 person per room/task, but several on the desk at the start (4 provisioned on Friday).

9. T shirt update Greg (change of colour and delivery date)

       Due to a national shortage of Fruit of the Loom XL blue/white shirts, the delegate t-shirt colour will now be “Carolina Blue with Navy trim” from Anvil. Bit better quality, but MOFO Sports will honour the original quote of £6.50/shirt. I have a small drawing of the colour I can send (to ?) if needed for the brochure.
       Delivery is by MOFO Sports in Bromsgrove, so not a problem to hold them there until Thursday 5th September. They will likely be delivered with a free me (Greg) included to help with any SotM setup/prep.

10. Harry Wood T-shirts - (anyone heard anything)and Hi Viz vests (Shaun was checking number in Scotland) Harry is working with a local place in London. Unlikely to be getting them in time for SOTM due to lead times of bigger orders. Glen (from Scotland?) will bring as many high-vis as he can to SotM.

11. Has Taichi agreed on Tokyo handover? Rob Message sent, awaiting reply.

12. Mugs - do we have a delivery date? prefer Wed 4 Sep because shortage storage space at Aston Rob: I have looked at the attendee list and I think last week’s decision to go with OSM username isn’t a great idea after all. Suggest using full name (as entered on registration form) Much deliberation. Agreed for full real name, Mary to sort the list for them. Henk to send the list to Mary after 10am his time (9am Brum time). Mary to send it to the list and then forward it to Bytemark. Brian/Rob to find email address for Bytemark.

13. Unusual items photo competition Rob (blog and decision on prize) Shaun to tweet (please) Prize - a bag of ‘swag’?

14. Photo session - who takes the photo? A delegate usually volunteers Taichi usually has a Gigapan camera (takes multiple professional ones & stitches them). Incentive to get it done quickly, because lunch is afterwards.

15. Hackday update Shaun/Stuart 39 tickets remaining (out of 60) Lunch will be on-site catering, menu needs to be chosen and exact numbers needs to be known. Brain sent some stuff about catering, it will include if there is a deadline for numbers or not. Additional Maptember week-long hackday possibly being arranged in lake/peak-district, may not have a ‘net connection.

16. Notes for Jonathan - we need a special web page to take live webcast Brain will pass on Daniel's contact details and we need to publish walking instructions. (online but incorrect final line - Brian to contact Jon)

17 Post conference Do we need pages with links to slides (as in the past - not just the webcasts)?

18. Still no answer on internet access from Aston Can we just plug a laptop into the podium network socket (if it exists) or does Aston restrict what laptops can plug in? Another questions, is there a limit to the number of people on the WiFi. The cameras need to plug into a wired LAN too, check that’s allowed on Aston network too.

19. Capacity of second lecture theatre is 200 Breakout Room is 40 but it looked bigger (OK for AGM Henk? - there is a second breakout room up a floor with a capacity of 100) Last year we had around 40. Might be more this year due to UK location. On the day we can probably decide which room we need, it’s not been said which specific room it’s in.

20. Podium laptops and registration printer - purchase and auction? Brian sent a link to Henk for 2nd hand/refurbished laptops in the UK.

       IBM Thinkpad, about EUR170 (~£128)each could have dedicated laptops. 2-3 (1 backup or for registration/tweetwall).

Looking at this laptop:

       We need someone to take delivery & set them up installed and with OpenOffice.

Printer, someone bring one from home? Or buy one. Shaun to take delivery to ITO World address and load the appropriate software. Henk to order on OSM credit card.

       FAO Shaun Mcdonald, address:
       Shaun will arrive with them in Brum on Thursday.

       Brian will be checking when on Thursday we can get into the venue for setup.
       Greg: Auction could be on paper. Add your name & price to the list of the auction, no live sale thing.
       LibreOffice just sent out some free computers to their developers. Suggestion: we buy some and give them to OSM devs?
       What to do afterwards with the computers is not important to decide now.

21. Banners

       Design/layout has been checked with the supplier and it’s good.
       Everyone happy.

22. Reworked Conf guide covers

       Resent. Everyone happy.

23. Meeting ended, yay.


Next meeting: 8pm UK time - Wed 28th August