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19th SotM13 Meeting (2 days to go) 3rd September 2013 @ 8pm BST Present Gregory, Mary, Brian, Jonathan, Rob, Mike, Stuart (late), Shaun (late)


Previous meeting [Google link removed]

Note the SotM Run-up Action List [Google link removed]

Ben from CivicoLive will have 2 extra people coming: Liam and Christie.

Kathmandu will be running an event around the live feed.

       Nobody blogged on that yet?

AV questions all answered and good.

BCU students, only one been responding but the other likely to come.

Sponsor silent slides still to come in.

       We should have a break slide too (simple SotM logo).

Latest numbers are 301, not likely to go up much more.

       Aston have been told we’ll do a count on Saturday, if it looks less than 280 we’ll tell them they can set less places for more space.

Share (core) team mobile numbers

       If you haven’t already, please add yours here: [Google link removed]

Publish details that accomm checkin on Friday will be adjacent to Conference registration Those checking in Friday & Saturday can check into Aston hotel from the conference registration.

       Instructions need to go in a blog.
       Also include in e-mail to delegates?
       How long will that desk be open? As long as they feel necessary, probably till lunchtime.
       We’ll say “open on Friday morning”.

Discount vouchers confirm approach and publish on website

Arcadian Centre - contact managers

       Probably won’t get any deals now. Brian will pop in and tell them, just a courtesy. 

Thurs guides New St Moor St station directions

       Mary has printed a few pages of the logo, that can be used as signs.

Power gang sockets to be borrowed from PyCon. 3 people for harassment decisions KEY ROLE

       Volunteers: Jonathan. Henk? Mike.


       Have been asked to come 5-7pm on Thursday if around. Had some replies confirming.
       Link to volunteer spreadsheet?

Final conference call Wednesday after, for wrap up and feedback, and goodbyes.

Rota for emergency conference phone?

       Thursday: Mary
       Friday: Brian
       Saturday: Gregory
       Sunday: Brian.

Nearest ATM/Exchange: Student Union, and Marks & Spencer, just the desk need to know.

Auction: Manual/paper system.

       Raise tomorrow the idea of passing the laptops to key developers.

Left over stuff:

       We can think about during the conference where it can go.

Diagram/walkthrough of the venue:

       Brian will finish and send.
       4 tables on the right-hand side for registration, then pass through to the Aston hotel sign-in desk and individual WiFi registration (network should cope).
       1 of the 4 desks will become the Welcome desk?
               Early enquires? Use the Leaflet desk initially. Then use one of the 4 registration desks (and collapse the other 3)
       No wired network on the podium, but your individual WiFi connection should give you enough bandwidth.
       If more than 4 sponsors want a desk, we’ll have to ask the venue to bring in another one.

Session captains?

       Day 1 will be Andy Mabbet.
       Rob will line up the rest.
       Easy enough to sort out on Thursday.

Interviewer for videos during the break.

       Harry Wood hasn’t responded via the Comms Working Group.
       We can easily find someone.

Evacuation marshall.

       Naturally falls to Mary. She’s prepared registration lists that will be on the desk to take out.
       Whole team to familiarise themselves with exits.
       Brian knows the alarm voice well “There has been an incident, please leave the building”.

Meet as a team on the start of each day.

Leaflet table

Dedicated conference blogger?

       Jon will get one post open that has comments allowed.

Welcomes for keynote speakers

       Henk will do.

Press release has gone out, though we may not get any action.

Walk-in registration policy.

       Same price, but no guaranteed goodies or dinner.
       There will be a different colour badges for walk-ins.
               Vouchers for 2 free drinks, will be handed out on the door to dinner by volunteers. Need to remind people on Saturday last session to bring their pass to the dinner.

Conference dinner

       We will close at 11pm so they can clear it up ready for next day.
       There will be 2 cash-bars (in the hotel & in the lakeside centre) on campus for those who want to continue drinking without going into town.


       Will be delivered as late as possible. If after 5pm, straight to main building.

Programme changes are being logged rather than worrying about updating it at every minute.

Accommodation confirmations.

       Brian is getting about 1 a day and confirming when people are on the list.
       Aston are behind on invoicing.


       Have to call them to get it sorted/confirmed.
       They send you a pdf letter to print & display in car window.
       Thursday drop-off, there’s a cab drop off point that can be used short-term.

Walking directions from Moor Street.

       Will be quite short and easy, Brian will send Jon the picture & text later.

Prize for photo competition?

       Bag of freebies, we might not have any left over.
       Wooden block award, could be passed on each year? Does Henk have it?
       Free entry to next year’s SotM?
       Need to bring this back up when Henk is on the call.
       Big capacity SD card for their camera/gps, cheap to post.

Next call: Tomorrow, Wed 4th Sep 8pm BST.

Meeting finished 20:45.