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State of the Map 2019 - Tunis

Planétarium de la Cité des sciences de Tunis (2009).jpg

Welcome to the bid proposal page to host State of the Map 2019, in Tunis, Tunisia,City of Sciences. The Tunisia Team is collecting their information here.

SotM 2019 - Tunis vision

Very generous and welcoming people” says anyone who has been in Tunisia.

A country that has recently awakened, that has inspired many other countries and that gave young people the opportunity to shape a new identity for their country.

After the revolution of January 2011, Tunisia has opened a new chapter in its history.

The post-revolution Tunisia has a different taste, people are free to act and to express.

Everyone is trying in his own way to build this country that is rich in natural beauty and in its history.

Since words need to be put into actions, we submitted our candidature for organizing Wikimania 2015 in Tunisia (Tunis).

Why Tunis?

Tunis is known as a wonderful venue for international conferences of cartographers.

Who is the SotM Tunis Team?

The Tunis bid team is composed of OpenStreetMap enthusiasts from Tunis, Nearbyville, and other surrounding areas. Our team has experience in the surveying, rendering and database replication aspects of OpenStreetMap. You can contact us at

Our team members are

  • Mounir Touzri
  • Hamed Gamoun


We propose the second weekend of Month-uary, 2019, as the recommended date for State of the Map. Our bid includes a quotation for the recommended venue on that weekend. We can consider alternate dates.


You may want to use our template for this section (create a copy via "File > Make a copy...).

Beautiful Tunis offers a selection of suitable venues from central to scenic. Our bid includes a firm quotation for our recommended suburban venue, on the recommended dates. We also enclose a budgetary quotation for Alternate Venue.

Catering services are available from a number of local companies and we have provided two cost estimates/quotes.



International travel requirements and advice.

Passport and visa details

Visa policy of Tunisia

Citizens of other countries require a valid passport and a visa to enter the Tunisian territory. Visitors to Tunisia must obtain a visa from one of the Tunisian diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the visa-exempted countries or are eligible for a visa delivered upon arrival.

Attendees from all other country than Tunisia also need their passport to return to their home nation.

Visa exemption

Citizens of the following 72 countries and territories can visit Tunisia for up to 90 days (unless otherwise stated) without a visa:

  • Icons-flag-dz.png Algeria
  • Icons-flag-ad.png Andorra
  • Icons-flag-ag.png Antigua and Barbuda
  • Icons-flag-ar.png Argentina
  • Icons-flag-at.png Austria
  • Icons-flag-bh.png Bahrain
  • Icons-flag-bb.png Barbados
  • Icons-flag-be.png Belgium
  • Icons-flag-ba.png Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Icons-flag-br.png Brazil
  • Icons-flag-bn.png Brunei
  • Icons-flag-bg.png Bulgaria
  • Icons-flag-ca.png Canada
  • Icons-flag-cl.png Chile
  • Icons-flag-ci.png Côte d'Ivoire
  • Icons-flag-hr.png Croatia
  • Icons-flag-dk.png Denmark
  • Icons-flag-fj.png Fiji
  • Icons-flag-fi.png Finland
  • Icons-flag-fr.png France
  • Icons-flag-gm.png Gambia
  • Icons-flag-de.png Germany
  • Icons-flag-gr.png Greece
  • Icons-flag-gn.png Guinea
  • Icons-flag-hk.png Hong Kong
  • Icons-flag-hn.png Honduras
  • Icons-flag-hu.png Hungary
  • Icons-flag-is.png Iceland
  • Icons-flag-ir.png Ireland
  • Icons-flag-it.png Italy
  • Icons-flag-jp.png Japan
  • Icons-flag-ki.png Kiribati
  • Icons-flag-kr.png South Korea
  • Icons-flag-kw.png Kuwait
  • Icons-flag-ly.png Libya
  • Icons-flag-li.png Liechtenstein
  • Icons-flag-lu.png Luxembourg
  • Icons-flag-mk.png Macedonia
  • Icons-flag-my.png Malaysia
  • Icons-flag-mv.png Maldives
  • Icons-flag-ml.png Mali
  • Icons-flag-mt.png Malta
  • Icons-flag-mr.png Mauritania
  • Icons-flag-mu.png Mauritius
  • Icons-flag-mc.png Monaco
  • Icons-flag-me.png Montenegro
  • Icons-flag-ma.png Morocco
  • Icons-flag-nl.png Netherlands
  • Icons-flag-ne.png Niger
  • Icons-flag-no.png Norway
  • Icons-flag-om.png Oman
  • Icons-flag-pl.png Poland
  • Icons-flag-pt.png Portugal
  • Icons-flag-qa.png Qatar
  • Icons-flag-ro.png Romania
  • Icons-flag-kn.png Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • Icons-flag-lc.png Saint Lucia
  • Icons-flag-vc.png Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Icons-flag-sm.png San Marino
  • Icons-flag-sa.png Saudi Arabia
  • Icons-flag-sn.png Senegal
  • Icons-flag-rs.png Serbia
  • Icons-flag-sc.png Seychelles
  • Icons-flag-si.png Slovenia
  • Icons-flag-es.png Spain
  • Icons-flag-se.png Sweden
  • Icons-flag-ch.png Switzerland
  • Icons-flag-tr.png Turkey
  • Icons-flag-ae.png United Arab Emirates
  • Icons-flag-uk.png United Kingdom
  • Icons-flag-us.png United States
  • Icons-flag-va.png Vatican City

Visa upon arrival

Citizens of the following two countries may obtain a visa valid for up to 1 month upon arrival:

  • Icons-flag-au.png Australia
  • Icons-flag-za.png South Africa

Organized tours

Citizens of the following 16 countries may enter Tunisia without a visa, provided travelling on a tour organized by a travel agency and holding a hotel voucher:

  • Icons-flag-az.png Azerbaijan
  • Icons-flag-by.png Belarus
  • Icons-flag-cz.png Czech Republic
  • Icons-flag-ee.png Estonia
  • Icons-flag-ge.png Georgia
  • Icons-flag-kz.png Kazakhstan
  • Icons-flag-kg.png Kyrgyzstan
  • Icons-flag-lv.png Latvia
  • Icons-flag-lt.png Lithuania
  • Icons-flag-md.png Moldova
  • Icons-flag-ru.png Russia
  • Icons-flag-sk.png Slovakia
  • Icons-flag-tj.png Tajikistan
  • Icons-flag-tm.png Turkmenistan
  • Icons-flag-ua.png Ukraine
  • Icons-flag-uz.png Uzbekistan


Monastir Habib Bourguiba International Airport is among the first 20 busiest airports in Africa. The airport activity is mainly due to the movement of tourists coming to visit Monastir, Sousse and the surrounding resorts (Monastir-Skanes and Port El Kantaoui in particular). Almost all charter flights are concentrated during the tourist season. The airport is located at Skanes, 9 km from the city center. The trip by taxi costs about 5 TD (3.5 $). Getting to the airport is also possible through train between Monastir and Sousse, since the train station "Airport" is only 200 meters from airport terminal. Visit airport website for further info:

The “prime class” CIP Service offered by TAV Operation Services transforms travelling into a pleasant experience at 43 airports worldwide from Paris to Tokyo thanks to collaborations materialized internationally. Visit airport website for further info:

Tunis–Carthage International Airport is the main airport of the country, used by more than a million passengers a year. It presents many facilities such as exchange offices that operate 24 hours a day, mobile hire services and a post office. The airport contains also several restaurants which serve various Tunisian delicacies.


Rail travel details.


Surface public transit and private car details.


Tunis is the World leader in unicycle-specific pathways and municipal unicycle rental.

Attendee care

More information for attendees and their travelling companions.