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How to prepare a self-organized session for SotM 2020?

What is a self-organized session?

Besides the main programme of SotM we want to offer space for self-organized sessions. In past years those sessions were a large success during SotM. A lot of topics are well placed in smaller rounds.

Do you have an idea for a panel or a even a workshop? The format of a self-organized session could be the right place for that. The only requirement that we have to your topic is that it has to be related to OpenStreetMap.

We will use the OSM wiki for the organization of such sessions so that everybody is able to jump in without any larger formal barrier.

Of course the Code of Conduct of SotM applies also to the self-organized sessions.

Technical requirements

Video conference

From a technical point of view a self organized session is a video conference. You and your participants need a computer with a microphone and ideally a camera. The video conference itself takes place in a web browser, but a smartphone with a dedicated app could also be suitable. If you are the host of such a video conference please test your equipment beforehand. If you have questions you are welcome to ask us - email to

We support two types of video conference servers: Jitsi and BigBlueButton. Both have advantages and disadvantages. If you cannot decide which one you want to use: Jitsi is less complicated than BigBlueButton. BigBlueButton allows to show presentations with slides. And BigBlueButton is better suitable for up to 50 people. Jitsi is better for a smaller number of participants and just for talking together.

You find a list of servers below. We are not able to guarantee that these servers are running stable and with good perfermance. Please test the server you like to use beforehand.

To start a Jitsi channel you have to use the URL of the Jitsi server and choose an arbitary channel name. You need that link for the announcement of your session. After creation of the channel you have moderator rights in the channel. Jitsi allows to share your screen. Please test that feature beforehand and ensure that your screen contains only content you want to share.

BigBlueButton (BBB) has more functions than Jitsi. You can start a presentation with slides. You can even work on slides together with other participants. You can mute audio and stop video of other participants. This is useful to improve the streaming quality of the presenting person.

We recommend to test the servers and the functionality beforehand.

Audio conference - Mumble

Public servers

(coming soon!)

Jitsi servers

BigBlueButton servers

Mumble servers

Announcement of self-organized sessions

We prepared a wiki page. There you can schedule your session. You can use a free slot but you are also allowed to make your session parallel to other sessions.

Questions and Contact

Please write to if you have any further questions.