State of the Map 2022/OSMF Board AMA

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Like SotM 2021, the OSMF Board is having a panel “Ask Us Anything” at State of the Map 2022

OpenStreetMap Foundation Ask Us Anything


This is a panel discussion with the current OSMF Board.

This is a chance to ask the OSM Foundation Board questions, to engage with the board. Let's have a conversation about the Foundation, the Board and how all the parts work together. If you know nothing about what the board is doing, this is a chance to find out. Find out what the Foundation does and doesn't do, what it can and can't do. Find out how you can help, how you can get involved. The Board is committed to openness and wants to engage with the community.

We will take questions from the audience, or other questions that people can submit before the event, and we will talk about and answer them. We can talk about the past actions of the board, and what future plans we have.

Are you curious about running for the OSMF Board? This is a chance to find out what is actually involved, to find out what sort of work is done, and whether you would like to get involved. Do you have an idea for something the board could, or shoud do? Here is a chance to suggest it, and talk about it.

Ask a Question

We will try to get to all questions, but there is no guarantees.

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