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State of the Map Africa 2023 - OSM Ethiopia

Welcome to the bid proposal page to host State of the Map Africa 2023, in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. The OSM Ethiopia Team is collecting their information here.

SotM Africa 2023 - OSM Ethiopia vision

State of the Map - OSM Ethiopia will celebrate the best aspects of OpenStreetMap, past, present and future.

Why OSM Ethiopia?

Addis Ababa (meaning “new flower” in Amharic) is Ethiopia's capital and largest city, Central to the dynamic of rapid economic growth. The city (8.9806° N, 38.7578° E) is situated 2,440 m above sea level on a plateau surrounded by hills and mountains. According to the United Nations population projections, the current metro area population of Addis Ababa in 2022 is around 5,2 million. Addis Ababa is the headquarters of the African Union, plays host to the biannual AU summits, and is a hub for world diplomatic missions.

Addis Ababa will be hosting #AfriConAI2022, a hybrid event on AI solutions in Geographical information systems ( GIS) and Africa-related solutions. This is a great opportunity for OSM communities in Africa and the region as  It will accelerate the growth of OSM communities.

The beautiful view, fresh air, museums, and attractive parks make Addis Ababa distinct. It is also home to mountains, offering the opportunity to properly hike and a good view over Addis with a wide diversity of wildlife. The great Ethiopian run will be hosted in the same month of June.

Who is the SotM Africa OSM Ethiopia Team?

The Addis Ababa Bid team is composed of OpenStreetMap enthusiasts from OpenStreetMap Ethiopia(OSM Ethiopia) which is embraced by GIS experts, engineers, and softwares programmers. OSM Ethiopia acts as a link to local OSM communities, youthMappers, HOT team, and other organizations. Our team has several OSM contributors, a regional ambassador in YouthMapper, and well-experienced personnel attending and organizing SotM Africa, GeoNight, and other international conferences.   

Our team members are;

. You can contact us at

Our team members are

  • Biniyam Dele- OpenStreetMap Ethiopia and regional ambassador for YouthMappers  
  • Yohannes Yehualashet-OpenStreetMap Ethiopia
  • Tadele Dagne   - OpenStreetMap Ethiopia and GIS expert
  • Edilawit Ashagre-  OpenStreetMap Ethiopia
  • Tsion taye - OpenStreetMap Ethiopia
  • Dembel Bonta - OpenStreetMap Ethiopia and GIS expert
  • Mickiale Giday -  OpenStreetMap Ethiopia
  • Alazar Tekle-  OpenStreetMap  Ethiopia

You can contact us at [[1]]


We propose June for the conference month as the African Union summit,  European Union - African Union summit, and the Great Ethiopian Run will be happening the same month in Addis Ababa. This can help attendees interested in getting leaders and experts in the OpenData sources and GIS. Furthermore, the month is very suitable for its weather to move on across the city.  We can consider alternate dates.


We anticipate hosting up to 300 delegates for the SoTMAfrica 2023. Delegates will be brought from the OSM community and across other stakeholder groups (government, civil society, academia, non-governmental organization, technical community, etc.).  Addis offers a selection of various and suitable venues for the conference. Our proposed venues are Skylight Hotel( about 1.8 km from Bole International Airport; approximately 7 minutes drive with no traffic) and African Union Meeting  ( about 8km from Bole International Airport; approximately 16 minutes drive with no traffic). The UN Conference Center and African Union Conference Hall are available. All these venues have good facilities that have the capacity to host up to about 800 conference participants. A budget quote for one of the venues is enclosed in the budget below.

You may want to use our template for this section (create a copy via "File > Make a copy...). Beautiful Exampleton offers a selection of suitable venues from central to scenic. Our bid includes a firm quotation for our recommended suburban venue, on the recommended dates. We also enclose a budgetary quotation for Alternate Venue.

Catering services are available from a number of local companies and we have provided two cost estimates/quotes.


There are various modes of transportation connecting to the city including Air, Road, and Rail transportation.


Ethiopian Airlines is the leading and most profitable airline in Africa. In 2014 IATA ranked Ethiopia as the largest airline in Africa in revenue and profit. Over the past seven decades, Ethiopia has been a pioneer of African aviation as an aircraft technology leader. With International Destinations

In Africa - 51

In Europe & the Americas  - 17

In the Middle East & Asia - 25.

And Domestic Destinations - 19


Addis can be reached via buses, especially by those people coming from and around East Africa with a maximum transport cost of $1. The Public transport system of Addis Ababa comprises The public agency owned Anbessa bus service. Light vehicles such as mini buses are widely available for short-distance travel destinations. It is also possible to town-hop on light vehicles on some major routes

The main form of intercity public transport in Ethiopia is buses. These can be broken up into three broad categories: luxury buses, ordinary buses, and minibuses. All are very affordable, with ordinary bus fares typically working out to around US$1 per 25–50 km, though this does depend a bit on road conditions and the quality of the vehicle. Luxury buses, where they exist, tend to cost around 50–75 percent more.

Ordinary buses are a lot less comfortable and tend to operate on a more haphazard schedule.  On busier routes, buses usually leave when full, so you might wait for anything from a few minutes to a couple of hours to get rolling, depending on how busy the route is and how full the bus is when you arrive. This guide includes travel times for most routes, but these are very approximate and journeys are subject to any number of delays.


Addis Ababa boasts Sub-Saharan Africa’s first renewable energy-powered light-rail train and leads a modal shift for urban public transport on the continent. The Light-rail train (LRT), an inner-city tram, can carry up to 60,000 people per hour, and after 10 months of operation, ridership has reached 15,000 passengers per hour in each direction.

Around Addis

Other modes of getting yourself around Addis are by Motorbikes, and taxi services such as Ride, Feres, ZayRide, Seregela, and so on.


As a Historic City for tourists Addis Ababa boasts a wide variety of accommodation offers, from the most modest to the most luxurious, the choice is vast in all districts which offer quality services and wi-fi almost everywhere. Business hotels and serviced residences in the city center, luxury hotels on the corniche, accommodation, guest houses, and inns at more affordable prices elsewhere, in more popular areas, or near the Meeting hall.

Hotels In Addis Ababa


International travel requirements and advice.

Visa details

Attendees visiting from Other Country will need a valid passport to return to their home nation.


The currency in Ethiopia is Birr.

The current exchange rate is

1, USD 1 = 51.5678 Birr

2, EURO €1.00= 55.554 Birr

3, POUND STERLING  1=62.2633 Birr

According to the commercial bank of Ethiopia rate as of 30 May 2022.

Attendee care

More information for attendees and their travelling companions.

Visa policy for Ethiopia

Visitors to [./Https:// Ethiopia] must obtain a visa from one of the Ethiopian diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the visa-exempt countries or countries whose citizens are eligible to apply for an electronic visa or visa on arrival.



 Visa on arrival or eVisa


 Visa required

See the full list of the various categories here

Covid-19 requirements for travel to Ethiopia

Fully vaccinated passengers are no longer required to take a COVID-19 test to travel to Ethiopia.

The medical certificate must show full vaccination with an approved vaccine, at least 14 days before arrival.

See more details on COVID-19 policies for entering Ethiopia

Internet Connection

Ethio telecom has been a pioneer telecom service provider in Africa and Ethiopia. It has been introducing the latest technologies to support the socio-economic development of Ethiopia. The fifth-generation network (5G) characterized by the fastest speed has been launched in Addis Ababa.


Amharic is the official language of Ethiopia and Addis Ababa. English is the most widely spoken foreign language in the country.