State of the Map Europe 2011/Lightning Talks

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Lightning Talks will be held on Saturday from 14:00 to approx. 15:00 in room EI9.

Each talk is 5 Minutes only. Really. Strictly.


  • Konstantin Käfer: Tile Mill
  • Ilya Zverev: Relation Editing
  • Komzpa: Kothic
  • Tim Alder: Wikipedia and OSM
  • Kinya Inoue: Fukushima


  • Komzpa: TileWMS
  • Georg Potapov: Real-Time fires monitoring
  • Martin Kolman: modRaya navigation system
  • Ales Janda: 3D isometric map in PovRay


  • Yuwei Lin: Sukey + Maxamundo
  • Komzpa: OSM Belarus


Not quite a lightning talk: Henk Hoff giving a short presentation about the status of the OSMF Articles of Association review, and discussion.

Duration: 17 minutes.


Coffee break.


Discussion about import cleanup.