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What is Missing Maps

In many Countries throughout the world local high quality maps are not available. was first recognised in 2010 after 600 volunteers completely mapped the entire country of Haiti in about two weeks. From there the Humanitarian Openstreetmap Team was created have continued to map many areas hit by natural and man made disasters, the most recent being the ebola outbreak and Vanuatu Cyclone. Recognition of the work by the Openstreetmap Community has be made by the United Nations, World Health Organisation, World Bank.

Medecine San Frontiers, The Red Cross and the Humanitarian Openstreetmap Team have combined to create Missing Maps to encourage as many volunteers to contribute to the map making process by tracing Satellite images for roads and buildings. Creating maps before a crisis happens. It also gives local people access to the one essential tool needed for any real long term development, a map. The maps can easily be printed on normal printers and freely copied.

To get an idea about why the International development agencies are interested please watch this short Video

Sunday:Hands on making maps for missing maps workshop

On Sunday we get together and start to trace Satellite images, there will be teachers available, to get an idea about what we do please watch this video

Sunday Timetable

Sunday: Missing Maps,
Time Main Presentation Area Slides, Resources, Video etc
10:00-10:30 Introduction to Missing Maps, Openstreetmap, LearnOsm and Editing
10:30-12:30 Start mapping
13:30-14:00 Editing Wikipedia
14:00-16:00 More mapping

BBC video Concerning Ebola, Red Cross, Openstreetmap

BBC World News with Harry Wood (OSM) and Andrew Braye (Red Cross)

External Websites

Mapgive LearnOSM


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