Strasbourg/State Of The Map 2011 Draft Bid

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8th - 10th July 2011 - OSM French community reuse power and stable event of RMLL to build SOTM 2011 in Strasbourg.

Submition dead line 15 october.

Applicant Organisation committee

  • French community
    • Jean-Francois Nifenecker, Bordeaux, ABUL president (Bordeaux Lug
    • Frédéric Rodrigo, OSM Leader Bordeaux
    • Emilie Laffray, OSM Contributor
    • ...
  • German community
    • ...
  • RMLL Strasbourg 2011 committee
    • ...

Short impression how the State of the Map 2011 would look like

  • Transcountry SotM on Germany and France
  • Workshop
  • Business day in parallel of workshop

Reasons to choose SOTM Strasbourg 2011

RMLL Strasbourg 2011

The RMLL is the French international Free Software event aka Libre software meeting (LSM). This event is free and open to all. There, meet the main libre software developers and contributors with the users of their software. It takes place each year since 2000 and is powered by a lot of volunteers and sponsorship, now with more than 5000 visitors. RMLL provide technical support : university lecture hall, room, hardware, public communication. RMLL public come especially for the event, but also local inhabitant with event on weekend. This year RMLL/LSM will take place on ???.

Proposed venue


The CROUS (french for student live accommodation) can provide cheap lodging and lunch at noon.

Information about the city


Organisation cost may be light. ??? room can be used for free, CROUS can provide really cheap accommodation for people interested in.