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The Strategic Working Group was a foundation working group with a scope defined on the foundation website

The SWG was formally disbanded in 2015, but inactive for some time before that.


OpenStreetMap has been growing fast, yet our strategy for fund-raising, and our budget allocations, remain the same. We've received great interest from possible funders, and taken some opportunities, like the OSI SOTM Scholarship program. We need to act to, at the very least, be in position to understand and communicate our needs.

The WG will be looking at tasks like the following:

  • Evaluate our current fund-raising strategies and budget allocations.
  • Assess the overall needs and priorities for the Foundation, and determine where resources are needed.
  • Make recommendations for changes to the budget allocations to the Board.
  • Assess the strengths and positions of funders with interest in OpenStreetMap. Assess other fundraising methods.
  • Help shape programs and draft proposals to funders.

We'd like to move with determination and speed, and will set firm dates for delivering on our tasks. We may also want to invite in others outside of OSM, who could provide guidance and advice. In this process, our first consideration is the spirit of open contribution that is the essence of OSM.


The Strategy and Planning Working Group was announced by Mikel Maron in this posting to the OSMF mailing list.

Scope of Fundraising Activties

T.B.D. Clear distinction if global fundraising includes the local chapters of not

Status of discussion: So far, there seems to be consensus that fundraising should remain as specific as possible. This means that as soon as local chapters achieve a critical mass, fundraising should become a local activity. The OSMF should support the local activities until they achieve critical mass. However, in Germany and France no local chapters have been established despite a significant size of contributors.


Strategic working group/needs


  • Strategic mailing list
  • 1st face-to-face meeting planned in Girona on the 8th July 2010, dial-in opportunity for people not present will be initiated
  • Weekly IRC meetings on Fridays at 16:00 UTC. Minutes for the meetings are at [1]

Mission (of WG)

To serve the OpenStreetMap Foundation, the OpenStreetMap community and individual participants by planning and funding the smooth growth of OpenStreetMap. [Draft]

Vision/Mission Statement and Values for OpenStreetMap

T.B.D. "distilled" Vision and Mission Statement as well as values (derived from existing project culture). Supposed to serve as guideline for mid- and long-term fundraising activities see separate page: Vison, Mission and Values

Current Expenditures

Support Opportunities

Near term hardware upgrade requirements: Servers/Upgrades#Required / Donations Sought

Relevant Statistics

T.B.D. (link to) relevant statistics to support and justify funding requirements

Mikel's collection of ideas : Talk:Stats#Thoughts on improved metrics

Articles of Association

The strategic working group has been asked to look at the current Articles of Association, to ensure that that are fit for the way the foundation works and see if any changes could be suggested.

Strategic working group/Articles of Association Review


Membership of the working group is open to any board member and invited foundation members (the named investigators mentioned above + technical support).

The Strategic Working Group currently consists of:[2]

Active fundraising projects


Table with

  1. Project
  2. Description
  3. Scope (local versus global, which working groups involved)
  4. Total Funding Requirement
  5. Percent of Funding in place

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