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The London Borough of Sutton (map) is 44 sq km in south west London, home to ~180k people and a groundbreaking sustainability initiative called One Planet Sutton which is going to use OpenStreetMap for a lot of its work.

This is the New Popular Edition map of Sutton compared to the current extent of mapping in OpenStreetMap:

Sutton NPE.PNG

We are particularly interested in data on:

  • The basic roads for base maps in publications, web sites, etc.
  • Routes and facilities for cyclists, pedestrians, buses, trams, trains and car clubs
  • Community centres, shops and other key amenities

One Planet Sutton slippy map

Tom Chance and Thomas Wood are working on a nice slippy map of the area and would appreciate help in developing it. See WikiProject Sutton England/OPL map for more info.

Who's Working on the Area

Public Rights of Way

PROWs are being listed over here, we can only be finished when we have them all...



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Region Completion Status % estimate Notes
Sutton Northeast/Southwest areas done to around 80%, town centre needs work. 80%
Beddington Complete except for industrial area 90% Industrial area recently traced by TimSC
Belmont Mostly complete, one block still requires detailed survey. 85%
Carshalton Carshalton village is complete, as is The Wrythe, areas to the north is fairly complete from the party but gets patchier the further north you get. 70%
Carshalton Beeches/Carshalton-on-the-Hill Area to north bounded by A232/Railway not surveyed. The rest surveyed by Phil and Tom on 7th June 2008. Brief second pass required to clear up the fixme=*s that still exist. 85%
Cheam South Cheam and Cheam Village complete, North Cheam completed with mapping party. 95% Some more tracing of buildings, esp. schools, and bus stops/cycle parking needed.
Clockhouse Now complete since daveemtb finished off Thomas' beginnings. 95%
Hackbridge High quality mapping from the party and by TomC. 99% Nice buildings on the Felnex Estate!
Rosehill Mostly covered under 'Sutton', areas to the north of the roundabout need surveying. ? Partly traced
Roundshaw/Purley Complete 95% Ongoing construction work will require another survey soon. Landuse areas needed.
Wallington Roads completed 90% Second detail pass required along main roads
Worcester Park Completed by mapping party 99%


  • Survey data has been collected for Roundshaw and has yet to be entered into OSM, this part of Sutton will require resurvey in the near future, due to ongoing regeneration works. The variation in the data provided by webmap services is quite amazing - even the OS differs with itself.
    • On that note, lots of parts of Sutton are due to undergo regeneration in the next 10 years, page 3 of this PDF shows a map with the planned changes to the Borough. Lots of scope to do very up-to-date mapping! TomChance