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Since March 1st 2021 data from swisstopo is available on permissive, attribution-only terms.

See update below: Currently however, we do not have permission to only centrally provide attribution, which rules out directly using the data in OSM. See SOSM blog post for more information.

Use of the swissimage orthophotos is unproblematic, as the data derived from them is not considered data that is covered by the relevant legislation, quote

[...] Ich schlage hier vor, eine Unterscheidung zwischen der Verwendung von Orthofotos von swisstopo zur Digitalisierung von Objekten und der direkten Integration der Daten von swisstopo in OSM zu treffen. Bei den digitalisierten Objekten handelt es sich eindeutig um Derivate von Geobasisdaten des Bundesrechts. Es sind keine Geobasisdaten des Bundesrechts mehr. Für diese Objekte ist einen zentralen Quellenhinweis auf für swisstopo in Ordnung. [...]

Per September 14th 2021 swisstopo has provided additional clarification as to when central attribution is acceptable, see This means that data sources that have been available on open terms since March 2021 can now be used in OSM.


  • if you are using a swisstopo datasource that previously hasn't been used you need to add it to Contributors
  • you need to list it as a source in your changesets
  • any use outside of small scale QA work and additions needs to follow the Import guidelines