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Many kind people have offered to translate Switch2OSM into their local language. At the time of writing we don't have the technology in place to publish localised versions of the site. However, if you are willing to translate the text you can add it to placeholder pages on this wiki, so the localised versions will be available once the site translation tools are in place.


  • Create a master page below this one using the two-letter code for your language, e.g. Switch2OSM/Translation/fr
  • Below this create a translation of each page using its English title, e.g. Switch2OSM/Translation/fr/Why Switch?
  • Add your translated text to that page, then edit your master page to link your translated page

Please note that we currently can't give a timescale for when these translations will go live. This will depend on adding translation tools to the web site and testing them, which will take time.

The pages

The translations

Add a link to your master page here: