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Mobility Cooperative Switzerland Data Semi-Automated Import Action

This page documents the semi-automated import, i.e. the update and integration of Mobility Cooperative data of Switzerland (website www.mobility.ch). Mobility Cooperative Switzerland gives OSM openly licensed data upon periodical request. They own around 1'500 stations.

Unfortunately, amenity=car_sharing (wiki) is not displayed on the OSM home page (Carto style). But it's displayed at OSM.ch and this is a dedicated webmap (umap) (which is based on this overpass query).

Current tasks are described in the following section. The semi-automated import action consists of a workflow of tasks: see below. This workflow can potentially be repeated sporadically in the future as Mobility updates it's dataset monthly.

For the reporting and discussion of issues see tab Discussion of this page!

Current Tasks

Dear mappers, pls. continue your great mapping activities and keep also those Mobility stations and parking lots up-to-date! -- Geonick

To be done:

  • Establish a repeated integration of this dataset.
  • Create dedicated Mobility-Import-Account. (Any volunteer?)
  • Create a "Project of the Month Switzerland".


  • Setup this page; documented pre-processing steps.
  • Unnecessary notes:de/fr/en deleted. Changed tag "amenity=car_rental" to "amenity=car_sharing" for a half dozen nodes who had Mobility in name or operator. See discussion.
  • Pre-processed data using OSM Conflator and setup validation task.
  • Informed talk-ch and imports@openstreetmap.org
  • Ca. 415 Locations validated using cf_audit web app (March 2018, Step5, All): https://cfaudit.nicj.ch/project/Mobility%20Update


  1. It's real data but nothing is changed yet in the OSM database. The output of your validation goes to a JOSM dataset which will be uploaded at once later through JOSM with a dedicated OSM account.
  2. There are mainly two cases when you validate (~200 nodes each): A. "Create new node" and B. "Update tags on a point".
  3. In case B. "Update tags on a point" you have to click on the (small) tag change to "Mobility Cooperative" and can't move the node. In case you recognize that the location of the stations needs to be checked, pls. fill in fixme tag value e.g. with "Check location".
  4. In case A. "Create new node" the exact location is often unclear too given the imagery and the remarks (i.e. the description coming from the original Mobility dataset). So you can also fill in the fixme tag value with "Check location".
  5. Click "Good" - or if unsure "Skip".
  6. Currently, there's "ref:mobility:station_id" in the validation, but in the current OSM data there's "mobility:station_id" (without "ref:"). See issues in Discussion page.

A Mobility Station

This is a typical Mobility station entry (an OSM Node):

 Mandatory tags:
 * amenity=car_sharing
 * mobility:station_id=*
 * name=*
 * operator=Mobility Genossenschaft
 * website=https://www.mobility.ch/
 Optional tags:
 * opening_hours=24/7
 * capacity=*
 * wheelchair=limited
 Deprecated tags:
 * addr:city=*
 * addr:country=*
 * addr:postcode=*
 * addr:street=*

Add tag source=https://www.mobility.ch/ to Changeset.

See https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/5452328044 for a typical station node. More details about the Mobility station can be obtained by typing in the station_id at the website www.mobility.ch.

Workflow of Action

Main Action Tasks:

  1. Pre-processing tasks using OSM_Conflator/Audit, see "Dataset Pre-processing Documentation" below (done currently by user Geonick).
  2. Public validation tasl using cf_audit (currently hosted by nicj.ch).
  3. JOSM upload with dedicated account (to be defined).

Checklist according to the OSM Import/Guidelines:

  • Step 1 Prerequisites - Status: Done.
  • Step 2 Community Buy-in - Status: Done. IRC and local meeting; mail to talk-ch and imports@openstreetmap.org mailing lists.
  • Step 3 License approval - Status: Done, obtained.
  • Step 4 Documentation - See also this mailinglist. Status: Written a wiki page (this). Done: Add line to Import.
  • Step 5 Import Review - Note that this is rather an update not an import. Status: In process: See above.
  • Step 6 Uploading - Progress is tracked here. Status: Dedicated user tbd. No action date yet.


Mobility is a car sharing cooperative, a market leader in Switzerland for car sharing. One of its first partners was Swiss federal railway company SBB.

The original dataset contains attributes like station_id, name, capacity, as well as postal address (street, postcode, city, country) and remarks.

Last year an import into OSM, then a large update happened, which both have had some issues like a note which implied to not touch the node, which was inadequate and led to misunderstandings.

In fact the accuracy of the original coordinates is constantly poor. It seems like Mobility is geocoding it. This means that mappers have to manually check the location which currently implies almost all existing entries, and in future also all new entries from an eventual import.

Dataset Pre-processing Documentation

OSM_Conflator/Audit operations:

  • NEW: Add amenity=car_sharing, name=*, operator=Mobility Cooperative, website=http://www.mobility.ch/
  • UPDATE: mobility_id- / 0.001m-match and name change => Update tag name.
  • UPDATE: mobility_id- / 30m-match and name change => Update tag name
  • Note:
    • source=Mobility Cooperative is part of changeset.


  • Neue Nodes => Geometrie überprüfen
  • Als bestehend erkannte (über Radius 100m) erhalten
    • operator=Mobility Cooperative
    • Bestehende "city, postcode, country" stehen lassen
    • Falls nicht vorhanden, neu "city, postcode", ev. street dazu tun.
  • Tag source löschen, und später (im JOSM Upload) source auf changeset tun mit "Mobility Cooperative"
  • source ersetzen, website-value "https://www.mobility.ch/" neu mit https