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Sygic GPS Navigation App Icon.jpeg
Authors: Aponia Software, s.r.o.
License: Proprietary (free of charge)
Platforms: Windows Mobile, Windows Mobile 2003, iOS, Android, Bada OS, and iPhone
Version: iOS: 3.10.42; Android 16.1.7 (2017-07-14)
Languages: German, English, Czech, Dutch, French, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish, and Ukrainian

Offline multi-language voice navigation app with lane-guidance assistant. Since May 2014 only OSM Maps are available (Aponia Software created another app called "Aponia GPS Navigation" with proprietary maps).

be-on-road is a closed source application for offline navigation. Since May 2014 it is based only on OpenStreetMap based data files.

In August 2014 Sygic acquired Be-on-road. [1]

Since 2015 the application was divided into a free and a premium version (14,99€).

As of June 2022, Be-on-road was found to have been entirely replaced by Sygic GPS Navigation, which does not use OSM data.


  • Map display in 2D or 3D with simple but smart display of buildings.
  • Speed camera warnings for all such nodes or relations contained in the main OSM dataset. (This feature may be illegal in some countries.)
  • Road segments can be blocked to avoid navigation via them.
  • Offline address search: smart differentiation of place names that occur twice or more in one country or region.
  • Online address search: Online search allows you to locate the geographical data which is not included in the offline map data.
  • Search POI along a calculated route.
  • Map updates based on OpenStreetMap offered. (But updates in the free version aren´t offered very often(last time maps got updated: 2. quarter of 2014))
  • Lane-guidance assistant (only in premium-version or until app-version


  • Some of the OSM based offline map files are quite big for download, e.g. France or Germany (about 1 GB) . It is also possible to download the needed maps via the website of be-on-road, so that you can use a broadband connection to download mapfiles.

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