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Importing TMC Areas

  1. please add your name to the following table (click the "edit section"-link. Do NOT open the whole page. It's too big.)
  2. then download the linked OSM-data
  3. open the downloaded OSM-data in another layer in JOSM
  4. manually add the appropriate tags (at least the locationcode itself) from the downloaded OSM-data to the relation/polygon/multipolygon describing the given area

Tagging Schema for TMC:Area

Areas in TMC location codes are not chained and can thus be handled by tagging an existing area or creating a new one (if the area does not yet exist).

TMC knows multiple types of areas. Not all of them are political. There are also meteorological areas that may be affected by a weather phenomena, tourist areas, car parks, general traffic areas like crossings of many roads, lakes, or large metropolitan areas spanning multiple cities.

TMC areas need only have a TMC:cid_CID:tabcd_TABCD:LocationCode. That is all that is required.

  • CID is the country ID, for Germany that is always 58
  • TABCD is the table ID in case there are multiple tables per country. For Germany that is always 1.
Way or Node Tag Example Value Discussion
way TMC:cid_CID:tabcd_TABCD:Class TMC:cid_58:tabcd_1:Class=Area Area Optional but recommended.
way TMC:cid_CID:tabcd_TABCD:LCLversion TMC:cid_58:tabcd_1:LCLversion=8.00 VERSION Optional but recommended. If this element is contained in multiple versions of the same table, the latest version is used.
way TMC:cid_CID:tabcd_TABCD:LocationCode TMC:cid_58:tabcd_1:LocationCode=4711 LCL REQUIRED - The location-code of this Area

Warning.png Warning! Do NOT upload the .osm -files. They are only a reference, so you can find the correct elements in OSM to add the TMC:cid_58:tabcd_1:LocationCode -tag to.

Areas to import

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