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  1. please add your name to the following table
  2. then download the linked OSM-data
  3. open the downloaded OSM-data in another layer in JOSM
  4. add the apropriate tags from the downloaded OSM-data to the relation describing the given road

roads to import

The automatic import is done. Everything left now needs to be imported manually.

Tagging-schema for TMC:Road

Roads in TMC-Locationscodes are not chained and can thus be handled by tagging an existing relation or creating a new one (if the relation does not yet exist).
Do NOT tag ways as that would interfere with the later tagging of TMC:Segments.
Roads in TMC LocationCodes consist of a chained list of points or of a chained list of segments (meaning every one of them not only has a code but also a code for a predecessor and/or a next one).
After ways are imported the next step will be to use these ways to automatically identify and tag as many of these points and segments as possible, so they need not be tagged by a human.

TMC-roads need only have an TMC:cid_CID:tabcd_TABCD:LocationCode. That is all that is required.

  • CID is the country-ID, for Germany that is always 58
  • TABCD is the Table-ID in case there are multiple tables per counts. For Germany that is always 1.
Way or Node Tag Example Value Discussion
relation TMC:cid_CID:tabcd_TABCD:Class TMC:cid_58:tabcd_1:Class=Road Road Optional but recommended.
relation TMC:cid_CID:tabcd_TABCD:LCLversion TMC:cid_58:tabcd_1:LCLversion=8.00 VERSION Optional but recommended. If this element is contained in multiple versions of the same table, the latest version is used.
relation TMC:cid_CID:tabcd_TABCD:LocationCode TMC:cid_58:tabcd_1:LocationCode=4711 LCL REQUIRED - The location-code of this Road
relation type type=route route REQUIRED See: Relation:route
relation route route=road road REQUIRED See: Tag:route=road

Members of the route-relation may have (among others) the following roles:

Way or Node Role Recurrence? Discussion
way (blank) zero or more the ways making up the route. It is a part of the route for both directions.
way forward zero or more in a dual-carriageway (one way per direction) use forward for one and backward for the other side of the road.
way backward zero or more in a dual-carriageway (one way per direction) use forward for one and backward for the other side of the road.
way link zero or more a way for the sole purpose of linking this road to the rest of a road-network but not a primary part of this road itself.

Warning! Do NOT upload the .osm -files. They are only a reference, so you can find the correct elements in OSM to add the TMC:cid_58:tabcd_1:LocationCode -tag to.



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