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A station doing radar surveillance of coastal areas and waterways. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: amenities
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Status: proposed

A coast radar station is a location where coastal waters and connected waterways are monitored through the use of radars. One radar station can have several radar scanners located in the proximity, often in order to extend coverage, and their purpose is to monitor and regulate traffic, both in form of logistics (organizing the traffic with regards of destination, vessel types, etc) and for the safety of life and property within the area.

This service can be provided from the navy (military=*), marine authorities, port authorities, pilot services (pilotage=*), coast guard (emergency=coast_guard), rescue services (emergency=*), among other. They might also be a part of a compulsory traffic surveillange (VTS), voluntare, or even completely passive (no form of reporting involved).

A costal radar station might and might not be part of extended services, such as offering various services routing information, weather advice, confirming or verifying possition of vessels and objects and more.

In the surrounding area might be one or more man_made=mast or man_made=tower with tower:type=radar