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The workplace of a person who sets up the rigging for sailboats and sailing ships (or possibly a person who works on ropes, booms, lifts, hoists and the like for a stage production) Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: crafts
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The tag craft=rigger is used for two unrelated* professions:

1) Rigger (Sailing): Workshop or office of a person who sets up the  Rigging (ropes, cables, chains) of sailboats and sailing ships.
This is the most common definition used for this tag and the original definition on this page, though it is not commonly** used in British English.

2) Rigger (Theater): workplace of a person who works on ropes, booms, lifts, hoists and the like for a stage production (film, theater, live music, etc.). (* Rigger (entertainment)).
This has very rarely been used, but it is the more common*** meaning of "rigger" in English, so there is a risk of confusion.

Comments :

*_These two professions are not unrelated.

In the Wikipedia definition of  Rigger (entertainment) it's said : "In the age of sail, trading followed seasonal patterns with ships leaving port at set times of the year to make the most of winds. When not at sea sailors would seek employment ashore. Their skill with ropes and booms found use in the theatre."

** Rigger is commonly used in nautical vocabulary. It's only a specialized word like many others.

*** Rigger for theater is not the "more common meaning in English".
Dictionaries give the various definitions above and more for other jobs also designated by this term :


To avoid confusion it might be wise to create a new tag like craft=theatre_rigger.

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