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route relations for long distance livestock trails Edit or translate this description.
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Trails, roads or paths used for the seasonanal movement of livestock. See Transhumance on Wikipedia.

Regional names include Drover's Road, droveway (UK) Cattle-drive (US), Via Pecuaria (Spain), Transumanza on Wikipedia (Italy).

While still practiced in some economies (Sami, Maasai, Kazaks), the routes are generally historic, having developed in Europe in the Middle Ages, and in North America during the 'Cowboy' Age. However in many countries there are efforts to either revive transhumance, or to preserve the remains of historic trails for leisure and ecology. Many of these routes have a clear presence in the countryside, and provide names to street in towns they passed through.

See for example Vías pecuarias de España in Spain


Tags for the Route-Relation

The relations should be tagged following these scheme:

Key Value Discussion
type route indicates this relation represents a route
route transhumance indicates the route is a (historic) livestock route
name a name The route is known by its name (e.g. Cañada Real Leonesa)
distance distance The length of the trail in km, e.g. 576. If the distance is given in miles, is has to be stated explicitly, e.g. 10.5 mi.
operator operator The route is operated by this authority, e.g. local government
network National or regional network name