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Sørum kommune, a municipality in Norway, has made available geodata for outdoor activities, including foot and cycle routes and cross-county ski pistes in the municipality[1]. The data is owned by Sørum kommune and has been released under the NLOD 1.0 license[2], and permission[3] has also been granted to include the data in OpenStreetMap.

Obtaining and preparing the data

The data is originally available in KMZ format and has been fetched and converted into OSM format using the following commands:

for type in Skiloype Fotruter Sykkelruter
  case $type in
    Skiloype) tags="pisteCOLONtype:nordic;";;
    Fotruter) tags="highway:path;foot:yes;";;
    Sykkelruter) tags="highway:cycleway;foot:yes;";;

  wget -O "Sorum_$type.kmz" "http://kart.sorum.kommune.no/arcgis/services/"\
  ogr2ogr -lco FORCE_GPX_TRACK=YES -nlt LINESTRING -f GPX \
    "Sorum_$type.gpx" "Sorum_$type.kmz"

  gpsbabel -i gpx -f "Sorum_$type.gpx" \
    -o osm,created_by=,tag="${tags}source:Sørum kommune;"\
"sourceCOLONurl:httpCOLON//data.norge.no/data/turkartdata-i-s%C3%B8rum-kommune" \
    -F - | sed -e "s/COLON/:/g" >"Sorum_$type.osm"


Some metadata is lost in the conversion, so the KMZ files must be manually inspected in order to add this information to OSM. Note that the tags automatically added for foot and cycleways in the conversion might not be correct and must be manually checked and if necessary adjusted before uploading to OSM. Ways uploaded to OSM will be tagged with source=Sørum kommune and the appropriate tags for the type of way. The data will be merged with existing OSM data and uploaded using a regular OSM editor.


  • Hiking routes
  • Cycle routes: Complete haakonst 00:13, 22 January 2013 (UTC)
  • Cross-county ski pistes: Complete haakonst 21:43, 13 January 2013 (UTC)