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We need to rerender the world lowzoom captions. This takes quite some time, so lets distribute it. Here you can sign up for an x-stripe to render. You will need the .osm worldfile (13a06b91b421a9f33f5f7d610879d6f3 [world.osm.bz2]). x and y goes from 0-63.

How to run it

This is basically the command to run the x=9-10 stripes (you might need to edit it if you put your world.osm somewhere else):

for x in {9..10}; do  for y in {0..63}; do  ln -s ../../world.osm tmp/lowzoom-caption_6_${x}_${y}.osm
./tilesGen.pl localFile tmp/lowzoom-caption_6_${x}_${y}.osm caption && ./tilesGen.pl upload ; done ; done

you can replace the last semi-colon with an ampersand to upload in the background. This will probably hide status output from the rendering instance, but otherwise not be harmful (on Linux).

Sign yourself up for a x-stripe of the world

x name status
0-8 petschge done
9 mdeen done
10-11 Petschge done
12-15 petschge done
16-19 deelkar done
20-27 petschge done
28-31 deelkar done
32-40 spaetz in progress
41-43 deelkar done
44-51 petschge done
52-59 petschge done
60-63 petschge done