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Proposed wording of promotional text for Sit Down mapping parties:

Mapping Meetup-OpenStreetMap-Put Your Community On the map!

Calling all map-lovers, amateur cartographers, surveyors and cartophiles! There’s a friendly meetup of OpenStreetMappers in Brisbane soon, and we hope to have a few interested newbies thrown into the mix.

  • When: Monday 21st June 2010 18:30 - 21:00
  • Where: Grange Library - 79 Evelyn Street, The Grange, Qld, 4051

OpenStreetMap is a collaboratively built free map of the world, with simple wiki-like editing; think ‘Wikipedia’, but for maps. The result is highly detailed digital maps, created and edited by local communities, that are free to reproduce without the normal commercial restrictions. It's a fun project to get involved with; you'll discover how maps are made and uncover the geographical secrets of your neighbourhood.

Volunteers from all around Brisbane have already begun mapping the roads, footpaths and cycleways across the city, but now we need your help to improve your local area by adding street details and amenities such as restaurants, parks, playgrounds and shops.

If you have a laptop, bring it along and we'll show you how easy it is to use OpenStreetMap on your own computer. Internet access will be available through shared mobile broadband and library Wi-Fi (Brisbane Libraries membership required).

You are welcome to map however and wherever you want, but here are a few ideas for the evening:

  • Fix OpenStreetMap errors in your local area
  • Help add roads and other features using aerial imagery
  • Put your house (and your neighbour’s) on the map
  • Improve suburb boundaries
  • Share your local knowledge to add points of interest (POIs)
  • Experiment with OpenStreetMap map-making and editing tools
  • Swap tips on using OpenStreetMaps to navigate on your mobile phone or GPS device

However, if you aren't sure what you can do, we'll be happy to provide ideas and help get you started.

We have the meeting room booked from 18:30 to 21:00, but feel free to turn up within those times whenever you like. We’re trying to organise some alcoholic (and otherwise) drinks for the meetup, and we'll probably order a few pizzas on the night. If you are coming, please bring $5-$10 to help pay for this (we'll work out the specific details on the night).

If you can come, please let David Dean know by Friday 18th June, so we can have some idea of how many drinks to take on the night.

Contact David Dean on 0407 151 912 to RSVP or for more information.