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Any status on this? I suggest we have some sort of meetup/brainstorming session to iron out and delegate tasks. Maning 10:46, 9 June 2010 (UTC)

Sponsorship letter

who will officially sign them?

September 6 meeting notes


  • 4 teams
  • Final meeting place is Taal Vista Hotel
  • Confirm with FB attendees (e.g. Mr. Feliciano) if they will indeed come
  • Contact Bart if he will come
  • Maning will print 5 copies of the slice map in A3 format
  • Make a chart for simple checking of stuff (suggested by Rally); add list of things to note down
  • Print LGU letters as used by Sorbi
  • Print NHI letter
  • Print list of NHI markers sorted by city/town
  • Possibly reprint brochures from Marikina Party
  • Contact Sorbi to get other stuff/details
  • Drivers:
    • Rally: Red Team
    • Sorbi: Green Team
    • Eugene: Blue Team
    • Andre (not yet sure): Orange Team
  • Vehicles must have a checkup: condition of belt and radiator (bring extra water)
  • Note that some roads will be rough especially the southwestern roads
  • Plan emergency response and coordination:
    • Each team must have at least a Globe and a Smart cellphone
    • One team will be the Central phone (maybe Orange Team because they are likely to have signal all the time)
    • Each team will report to central team their location (time, coordinates and town) every hour
    • Central Team will try to contact a team if they have not updated their status
  • Editing session is optional
  • Someone needs to meet with Jayzee
  • Maning will get "something" this week
  • GPS units:
    • Rally has 2
    • Maning has 3
    • Ian has 1
    • Sorbi has 2
    • GPS units must be dedicated
  • Rally will contact Rem
  • Maning will follow-up Ed's email on WaypointsDotPH
  • Buy 2 more Cavite maps as navigational backup