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Discuss Databases here:

Page naming confusion - Database

There's a longstanding page named Database, about the OSM database. This new page "Databases" has a very similar name, which could cause confusion.

Would be better if "Databases" redirected to "Database" really.

-- Harry Wood 16:29, 22 June 2009 (UTC)

In fact, let's rename this page 'Databases and Data Access APIs', because most of the items listed are APIs not databases. -- Harry Wood 13:12, 1 July 2009 (UTC)

Can do - I'm not worried about what it is called. I'd actually like to re-name 'datbabase' because it only refers to the main API database...Just a matter of finding out how to re-name wiki pages! User:Grahamjones 11:59, 2 July 2009

OK done. For help on moving wiki pages see here: (largely written by me actually)
But I tend to think "Database" is a nice short wiki page title for a page we often need to link to. That page is a core part of our components documentation -- Harry Wood 19:01, 2 July 2009 (UTC)

quote section 'apidb': "The database will take approximately 1 TB as of April 2012." can someone please provide a current figure for the database size? --Rfuegen (talk) 17:19, 28 August 2015 (UTC)