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Discuss Disputes page

Other types of disputes

There's actually lots of other types of disputes within the OpenStreetMap community, sometimes directly reflected on the map. This page talks about place/road naming disputes. There's also general tagging disputes (e.g. smoothness), and disputes or at least debates about mapping techniques, license interpretations, etc etc.

Maybe this page should be called 'Naming disputes'

Or I suppose another way of thinking about this, is that here we're specifically talking about real world disputes ("Political disputes"?) which exist on the ground, and which eventually manifest themselves on OSM, as opposed to disputes originating within the OSM community.

-- Harry Wood 14:41, 19 March 2009 (UTC)

How google does it. Show different borders to different people

You've probably heard Google maps shows different border positions to different users depending on their (IP?) location. This article gives details. Seems like a sneaky way to side-step the problem and make most people think they've won the dispute!

Could we do something similar? Within the data I wonder if we have good tagging schemes correctly applied enough to allow borders to be rendered according to one political view or another. I would guess that would need some work in a lot of places. But that's the easy bit. I think technology-wise it would be quite a lot of hassle to display different tile sets with slightly different combinations of rendering rules to pick up on these border tags. It would be a frustration, that the same technology, effort, and hosting resources could go into tile sets showing something more interesting! A move to on-the-fly rendered vector tiles would make this kind of minor variation rendering more feasible.

-- Harry Wood (talk) 12:30, 10 August 2016 (UTC)