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Using sentiereweb data for OSM ?

For Emilia_Romagna the region has setup a database with most (maybe nearly all) hiking trails. It contains for example all CAI trails of the Parco dei cento Laghi.

As a result there is the webpage sentiereweb (

I bough some time ago a CD which contains all the trails as GPX, but as well POI's for hiking in different formats. There are of course not free data, but maybe it would be feasible to ask the region for the permission to use the information for OSM.

I am not Italien, but live in the region, so I am interested in this.

Do you think this could be feasible to do ?

I just found a thread on this subject :

  • It seems that there are already some negotiations going on o this subject. --Behrica 10:27, 7 May 2009 (UTC)