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Infected installer (Grass GIS 6.4.0)

from Ceyockey — I recently obtained an installer for Grass GIS and today found it infected by the Win32:Malware-gen virus during a bootscan using the free version of Avast! (program version 5.1.889, virus definitions version 110221-1). The file on my drive was located in the folder c:\program files\! Installers\\release\grass\grass\grass-6.4.0svs.tarbz2|>grass-6.4.0svn-6.tar . The original file name was bin\libgrass_dbstubs.6.4.0svn.dll. The installed file at c:\OSGeo4W\bin\libgrass_dbstubs.6.4.0svn.dll was also detected as infected. If you have downloaded the 6.4.0 installer and/or run the installer, you might consider running a boot virus scan; this infection was not detected either during download or during routine scanning with three different anti-virus packages. (01:04, 22 February 2011 (UTC))

Are you sure it wasn't a false positive? As far as we know our servers are clean. Did you file a bug report? ( thanks, Hamish (talk)