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Retaining NID Values for All Data

Both the CanVec & GeoBase datasets, contain NID's. These values need to be retained, for the purposes of:

Reasons to keep NID
  • When adding an updated dataset, having a list of the currently used NID's will help, so to not include the points that have not been changed.
  • This would keep OSM inline with the Canadian GeoBase project (as Geobase is also ever-changing)
Reasons to NOT keep NID
  • If the import script is capable of looking at the existing map features, and detect its presents, using an 'AutoMatch script', only the unmatched values will get produced & examinded for import.

-- User:Acrosscanadatrails -- 11:14, 14 February 2009

Mapping GeoBase nid values through relations

Geobase models roads as a series of road segments broken up at each intersection. The traditional OSM way of modelling the road would be as a single 'way' made up of nodes. Some of the nodes will be intersections.

We want to keep the original geobase nid so we can associate the OSM way with the geobase road segment. If we want to stick with the OSM style of having larger ways we could use relations to attach geobase nids to each of the OSM nodes that the relations would allow us to have many geobase road segments map to a single OSM way but still know which portions of the OSM way came from which geobase node segments.

-- Stevens 04:38, 10 December 2008 (UTC)

is_in tags for Namefinder

It would help searches in the Namefinder if you can ensure that is_in tags are included with all the items tagged place=hamlet/village/twon/city/suburb, assuming the Geobase data includes this information. The tiger data does, but it was not converted into is_in tags, a process which I am working on now.

--Davidearl 13:31, 4 December 2008 (UTC)

Wiki Cleanup

Today I tried to do a cleanup of the geobase import wiki space. I want to keep the main Geobase_import page fairly clean with just links to the sub-pages. I also want to keep discussion of ideas/methods/discussions that haven't been pursued off the main pages since it seems to confuse people. --Stevens 01:26, 16 February 2009 (UTC)

Hi Stevens. There's lots of information put on here by User:Acrosscanadatrails, but his wiki editing approach was a little chaotic. Was talking to him about this here: User talk:Acrosscanadatrails#Wiki tidying I think he was pasting in extracts of info from the Canada mailing list, which may be a useful thing to do, but it became rather an unmanaged hulk of information.
You are strongly encouraged to help refactor these pages and whittle down the information. Please go ahead! It needs it.
This page should give a clear overview of the current status of the import work, what kind of data is being imported and how far we've got with it. It should give introductory information for people like me who just have a passing interest. More technical details can be hived off into sub-pages as you say. -- Harry Wood 13:22, 16 February 2009 (UTC)
Hi Harry, As im sure your aware by now, this Canadian Data import, is perhaps 10x larger and more complex than the TIGER data. .. Were looking at importing more than 300 different & unique map features. .. NRN is JUST 1 basic feature. Yes, this is a big project. But its only a small group of us working on it. The page IS currently being re-vamped, User:Stevens is also doing the scripting (which is a technical marvel) As well as trying to make the script & instructions clear for more developers. User:Acrosscanadatrails as the username says, is working on the Trails Across Canada, which is also a technical challenge, as its coordinating with many groups and mappers across the country, to make the Trans Canada Trail actually useful. In conclusion, as each new users jumps on the talk-ca list, they outline what the (specific) confusion is.. then it can be addressed. In many cases, it's not a removal, it's a condensing of ideas. Where other pages need to be made in order for users to fully understand the project. In tackling a project of this scope, we need to fully understand it. And BTW, at this point, most on the talk-ca list have not even opened up a CanVec dataset shapefile. (People dont know this, because the page hasn't need written.) Give us time, it'll get done :-)

PPS. If anyone wants to know the current status of the project, they can just ask the talk-ca list :) --acrosscanadatrails 21:52, 16 February 2009 (UTC)