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Next Steps

I see the next steps for the Hydro Import as follows


People need to start adding OSM tags for the geobase attributes and improve on the ones already added

Water flow direction

The Geobase 'Network Linear Flow' entities describe the direction water flows in. We need to decide if this is worth importing into OSM and how. The wiki page for Key:waterway recommends that the ways point downstream, but the wiki page is unclear how waterway would be applied to an area.

Do we try to extract waterflow and apply it to the direction? Do we create a seperate 'flow' way like geobase does? Or do we ignore waterflow direction?


The geobase data has entities called 'hydro junctions' that describe how two features are joined. How do we want to model this in OSM?

-- Stevens 03:42, 3 December 2008 (UTC)