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Gmapibuilder & Mac OS X 8.5.1

Hey There!

I am using Gmapibuilder on my Macbook Pro (OS X 8.5.1). The source was the world map from Computerteddy, conversion works fine as well as the installation of the *.gmapi file into BaseCamp (4.2.4).

The only issue is that there is no name for the new created map. Basecamp just shows nothing (map display is perfect, only the name missing), the Map Manager also does not show any name for the map.

I tried to change the (nonexisiting) name with "JaVaWa GMTK" (a tool I am using ususally for changing names and FDIs of maps for multiple installations of the same source), but it's not possible to assign a name to the created map.

Is this a bug of your conversion tool?

Besides that I like your tool very much!


GmapiBulder and MacOS

Hi, I was a very happy user of Gmapi. But since I downloaded new version of MacOS it crashes :-(

I use MacOs 10.13.3: can we hope in a new release of Gmapi?

Thanks a lot :-)