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Some organizational issues:

  • Raster maps of current OSM data of Valencia may be generated and prepared for use with PDA/laptop software like gvSIG Mobile, gvSIG Desktop, OZI Explorer CE and OZI Explorer. OSMtiledownloader can be used to produce png and map files for OZI.
  • Tile maps of current OSM data of Valencia may be generated and prepared for use with PDA/laptop software like OSMtracker. OSMtiledownloader can be used to download these tiles.
  • An FTP site should be provided to upload these files, since they weigh more than 1MB.

Other proposals:

  • To plot a big map at the end of the party to show the results in the gvSIG conference, like they will do in the Gerona mapping party.
  • Prior to the survey/mapping activities, we could agree on which streets will be considered as primary or trunk roads. I would also add secondary/terciary roads, as it's been made in Madrid.
  • Some questions:
    • ¿Do we track bike-lanes? It's possible with OSM, but ¿do we register them? I think it's a good idea. Here you have a couple of resources for bike-lanes 12 in Valencia.
    • ¿What about near main roads? I mean major roads connecting surroundings areas of Valencia (e.g. CV-35, CV-30 -plan sur-, Ronda Norte, A-3, ...) I think it would be great, as Valencia seems now to be an island.
    • ¿Multiligual names? I'd rather use one language ¿the name written on the plate? ¿Always Spanish?

There's a lot of practical information about how to organize a mapping party in this Mapping Weekend Howto.

— Previous comments are a collaborative building by Nosolomusic (talk) and Mmontesinos (talk)


These are the best coordinates I could prepare for georeferencing the file Valencia_centre_17x.png. You can save it as a CSV file and import it with gvSIG when georeferencing the image. The result is not perfect, though. If someone knows how to correct it please feel free to do it :)

"Pt","X","Y","X'","Y'","ErrX","ErrY","RMS" 1,140.91743119266187,465.0275229363315,-0.3912217805215401,39.47902901634364,9.469536278172708E-6,2.977612036403343E-5,3.1245631074712435E-5 2,2523.3027522935918,1746.4954128412114,-0.36567235598640846,39.4682804009142,1.3785066406701851E-5,2.271237416096028E-5,2.656840220759683E-5 3,1070.0917431192715,1684.8440366977661,-0.3811599775796133,39.46886419152859,7.089456774839187E-5,4.282632137631026E-5,8.282592310900213E-5 4,1403.8142896857657,1853.7848206858853,-0.3776915745177204,39.4673188634317,3.394193287620251E-5,8.477902589731912E-5,9.132107116909516E-5 5,1560.307663793924,431.6960430004333,-0.37600888392333676,39.479166378841136,6.404037979024224E-6,6.940639924835068E-5,6.970121920783193E-5 6,3457.9035091894884,784.0123859282189,-0.3556451249188527,39.47625147264417,3.169109901252076E-5,1.62959979235211E-5,3.563545011564745E-5 7,1163.3282713332298,821.1466773963994,-0.38027493076982893,39.47601323933971,1.632974174042845E-5,1.0970160737144852E-5,1.9672439907339547E-5 8,1970.4428328149495,729.148407213818,-0.37162355505095646,39.4767468995426,1.0286348375965204E-5,5.203954700050417E-6,1.1527797163027237E-5

— Preceding unsigned comment added by Nosolomusic (talkcontribs) 10h24min de 18 de outubro de 2007‎ UTC-3


If you are not familiar with JOSM (the desktop editor for OpenStreetMap), you can have a look at this JOSM Tutorial, only in Spanish at the moment (as there are only Spanish users subscribed to this mapping party) — Preceding unsigned comment added by Mmontesinos (talkcontribs) 20h24min de 5 de novembro de 2007‎ UTC-3