Talk:Humanitarian OSM Team/HOT Microgrants/Community Impact Microgrants 2021/Proposal/Digitalization Of Ward Level Boundaries For Urban Local Bodies, Kerala, India

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Clarify core challenge and project sustainability plan

First off, amazing work to put together this very important proposal. The Kerala OSM community has been at the forefront of opening up various important datasets and has a proven track record working with various government and non government institutions to coordinate such a project successfully. It would be great if the proposal could better clarify some basic pieces of information which will strengthen the proposal:

  • Describe the local challenge your project is addressing: Its not clear what the core challenge or need is for the ward boundaries is. My inference is that there is a lack of accessible or usable ward level maps which are required for local level planning, but this is not mentioned and does not paint a full picture of what is the gap that will be addressed. Some examples of the currently available ward maps could better illustrate why digitising them on OSM would be impactful.
  • Describe your sustainability plan: This section in the proposal currently focuses on the activities during the funding period and not how it will continue once the funding period is over and project activities ceases. Thinking through how to achieve lasting network effects from the activities of this project can significantly multiply output value of this project for the future. --Planemad/Talk 04:36, 12 January 2021 (UTC)