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Open Discussion

--acrosscanadatrails 10:58, 14 November 2008 (UTC)

OpenStreetMap link

  • The 1st point is that OpenStreetMap can show the Canada Bicycle Route Map, no other map will do this)

the 2nd part is that the OpenStreetMap its self from end-to-end is not done it. .. We need more mappers! :)

  • Because of the challenge that GeoBase wont give us (openstreetmap) the data to use for free, the stuff you see on the garmin map wont show up on the OpenStreetMap Map.
  • However, I can create the Topo Portion of the map from SRTM data, and have that available and so it would look similar to the Ibucus topo.

Open Cycle Map

So in conclusion with a final point... is the OpenCycleMap... This is where openstreetmap can preform above and beyond any physical paper map out there. .. We can list all the bike shops, and bike paths and routes onto this map, as well as see the contours and bridges and everything else cycle related.

Across Canada Trails Connections

This route map (set of 3 or more gps tracks, is origionally derrived from 'borrowed/ free for personal use data' but the printed version will be all derrived from OSM GPX data.. which is all free. What it will be is a transparent overlay, where users can use the ibycus topo (might not be perfect, but it's better than no map) and showing the 'REAL route' over top... so you wont get lost. .. this 'REAL route' is edited to openstreetmap data.

GeoBase: Where we stand

At this point (november 14th, 2008) we still dont know if Geobase will release their data... (at there end, they want to make $$$) (cant blame them, i guess) so what We can do, and strive to continue doing is provide for users what GeoBase and all the other maps dont provide. .. that is the extended detail, and the recreation specific information. .. ie.. hiking trails, campsites, bike lanes, bus routes... and show the high level of detail of building outlines, and outlines of things in parks, down to where park benches are. .. pointing all the areas of interest. --acrosscanadatrails 22:41, 25 November 2008 (UTC) We will be importing GeoBase data. .. this just takes time, the scope and the process is still in discussion, please join in the talk-ca discussion group and write on the GeoBase Import talk page your ideas.

not on paper

Because of this 'free delema' we CANT have the ibycus topo and streetmap data shown on a paper map book form, so it's only on GPS form. .. so all the errors you see, it's best to correct it on openstreetmap, and add in more info than available on the ibycus topo. Rembering the rules of openstreetmap 1- you CANNOT copy from the ibycus topo, you can only draw on OSM from physically been to and saw the road signs indicating names and features. ... and the other rule is 2 - have fun :)

--acrosscanadatrails 17:05, 15 August 2008 (UTC) using the Kosmos software, it's possable to view Landsat images as well as OpenAerialMaps. .. OpenTopoMaps is a similar site, perhaps the GeoBase attribution could be listed there? (using these tiles?

--acrosscanadatrails 17:05, 15 August 2008 (UTC) I have created the Canada WikiMAP Tiles Chart which includes a column to show the direct link to the page of each .img file the row relates to. The intention is to be creating separate MaoSource download programs to install the various mapset areas. The mapsets include; the converted IMG files from OSM Data, as well as the map tiles of the Ibycus Topo, to how the relation. As well as showing the (unofficial) Trans Canada Trail map file, and perhaps the Across Canada Trails mapset too.


The purpose of this project is to;

  • Show the various maps available onto a chart form, where other users can edit, remove and replace content.
  • For the user to be able to switch back from 1 map to the next, while both navigating to the area needed to be mapped on OSM, as well as finding out where there ARE errors and correcting it.
  • To easily identify which areas of this map needs to be adjusted.
  • To show users where current data is available,

What this map should NOT be used for

  • Until further notice, right on the main page when drawing on OSM, it states not to copy from other maps. This is another map. So.. that being said, when both maps are transfered onto the garmin, you are free to use it (but NOT sell it). .. so personally navigating with it.
  • This map, and combined map was created using so the terms and conditions from that site apply.
  • stating the obvious: Because this map, (and combined maps) were created with combined data. .. the origional sources could be from 20 years ago. Or from using incorrect survays, and copying information down wrong. Unlike OpenStreetMap, where all the origional sources can be found, and everyone has the ability to question, EVERY line and point on the map. If there happens to be errors, the map can be edited. .. the Government map cant be edited.

What about posting mixed .mp files?

  • Sure, these can be posted, the only concern with that is that when the original data changes from GeoBase, new Ibycus topo maps need to be created. (which is fine, as the link reference on the chart probably wont change) However, the assumption is that the GeoBase data would have gotten better. So there would need to be the need to edit the .mp file so then it holds the most current source files.
  • For now, perhaps the best solution would be to continue to work on OpenStreetMap, and using using the GeoBase data as a guide for navigating only. .. For the actual mapping, the basics still apply. Place in markers for which you can physically verify. For the markers on the map, only hold the basic information, with an estimated point type.
  • Solution, because lots more information can be added using OpenStreetMap, and the point type icon can be created with OSM, (as well as POI files can be created from OSM Data); it would only make sence to post those .mp files and recompile as .img for those areas which are very remote, and difficult to get to, so then when someone else comes along,

Arguments FOR tracing

  • to get the map completed faster... giving way to lower accuracy
  • GeoBase data contains stuff like Land Survay markers, national hydro network and other layers. .. not just street names and where roads are.

A Compromise

  • --acrosscanadatrails 17:05, 15 August 2008 (UTC)The chart i posted reflects ONLY those areas which have a high level of OSM activity, where i can physically see that having both maps showing at the same time looks cluttered. The purpose is for mappers to have an (older, but technically accurate for its time) map to use to navigate with, so to be able to say with confidence, that "this square tile area contains more accurate and current data, and therefore, having adiquatly convered the map. ...
  • and so, because it is wiki, if someone else comes along and wants to challenge the other user to a 'mapping dule' they can, and download the geobase map, to find things missing.