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I've done some review of the data. I think a little cleanup on house number and unit could go a long way.

House Number

Several '0', and a 'ten' Many house numbers seem to include unit numbers in them, found by looking for non-numeric digits. This might be the norm for house numbers in boston? I'm unfamiliar.


28 elements are missing their city


Abbreviations should be expanded or removed (prefereably removed): 'bsmt', 'ste', 'fl', 'rt', 'lft', 'unit', 'frnt', 'bsmnt', 'four', 'uppr', 'lot', 'lowr', 'lbby' etc...


I don't know if the source data had more information about the type/class of objects (for example, if something is a post office or park). If it did, it would be valuable to try to translate that class information for OSM as well. Here's the translation I used for a different dataset, for inspiration:

Blackboxlogic (talk) 20:30, 30 July 2020 (UTC)